Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I took Marley to the vet. The vet let me know that the stitches I was told would dissolve in 10 days actually dissolve somewhere around the 6 month range. He also let me know that my super power dog had managed to un-bury one of his buried stitches even though he has worn the cone of shame since his surgery.
Thus, the vet pulled and tugged and made Marley cry until BOOM! Out popped a teeny tiny pokie little knot that was in no way dissolved. I guess that's why Marley kept trying to gnaw at his incision and why he looked so relieved when the whole ordeal was over.
However, the incision bled (and bled some more) and Marley gets to spend 2-3 more days in his cone!
The good news is that now that the annoying stitch has been removed he is back to his full energy self. Now when he plays with his toys he bangs them against his cone and the cone bangs against his tags and his head. Combine all of that with the growling that accompanies each play session and we have ourselves one noisy puppy!
The cone will come off tomorrow and hopefully Cua will no longer be terrified of him. Hopefully.

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