Monday, November 9, 2009

Wheel of Emotions

I think God put my emotions on a wheel. (Think: the giant wheel in Price is Right that they spin to see who gets in the showcase show down.) Every now and then He gives it a big ol' shove and enjoys watching as my emotions change with each new section. At least, that's the way I like to picture it.
Marley gets his cone off today. (We hope.) While this is the source for great joy, it's also the source of great fear. He's learned to be very dependent in the past 10 days and because I feel so derned sorry for him, I've babied him. Last night I lay in the floor for an hour just to hold a raw hide bone so he would have a chance to chew. (He can't get to his paws right now.)
This morning my husband checked the mail and found a letter from Forney ISD. I didn't get the job. There was a sense of relief that the wait and wondering was finally over. Followed immediately by a deep sense of sadness. Followed immediately by a good dose of anger. Followed immediately by a crushing disappointment. Followed immediately by a long batch of tears. Like I said, God spun the wheel and my emotions flashed from one thing to the other in a matter of minutes.
Last night we had our first round of Starbucks Christmas coffee. We'd been visiting my parents for the weekend and had enjoyed a decidedly high calorie feast for the several days we were there. (No one's complaining. Just stating the facts.) We rounded it out with the high calorie drink. Calories or not, the holidays just haven't begun until you've enjoyed a Starbucks treat. For us, it's peppermint mochas. He likes his with white chocolate. I like mine with peppermint whipped cream. To each his own. There's just something about the smooth flavor, the bitter coffee, the sweet chocolate, and the twang of the peppermint that makes life a little better. I'm telling you people - my tummy actually smiled. I could feel it deep down inside my soul. I was thinking about giving Chick-Fil-A gift cards for Christmas this year but one sip of that peppermint wonder changed my mind. How could you not give the gift that makes your tummy smile? Aw, sweet nectar from heaven! (For those of you like my parents who don't drink coffee, I shall give you a Starbucks gift card anyway and you can make the tummy happy with their steamed milk hot chocolates! Add some peppermint flavor to make your tummy love you forever.)

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