Saturday, March 30, 2013

7 Months

Dear Caleb,

 My little baby is 7 months old! 7 months? Really? I'm just not sure how that happened! (I think I say that every month and every month it's very true.) Each month as I sit down to write your letter, I go back and read the one from the month before so I am sure what accomplishments are new to this month. This month I am flabbergasted at the changes! You're growing up so fast and changing soooo much! I love watching you grow and love to see you learn new things each day. Sometimes I get misty eyed just watching you play.

This month we've struggled with figuring out a napping schedule. You don't quite need 3 naps in a day, but you can't quite go without that third one. Therefore you very often go to bed at 7pm. However, you're sleeping a breath-taking 13 hours a night so I won't complain! Adding solid foods to your daily routine has helped stretch naps out quite a bit. You're now eating 2 meals a day. You are eating rice, bananas, sweet potatoes, avocado, oatmeal, and apples. You are generally a very enthusiastic eater and love food. We often can't put it in your mouth fast enough! Last night you ate sweet peas for the first time and you weren't so sure how you felt about it. Today you have a bit of a rash all over. I'm not sure if you're allergic to peas or you just have a rash because you seem to love rashes.

The biggest accomplishment of this month is that you're mobile! You have a precious little army crawl that is incredibly effective. Your legs often flail around behind you and make me giggle. Sometimes those legs are helpful, sometimes they just get in the way. It won't be long before you wear the belly out on all of your clothes.

You are a master at sitting up and are getting quite skilled at getting to your belly to begin crawling. You love playing with your toys, but your favorite right now is the karaoke machine Santa brought you for Christmas. I hear those songs so often throughout the day I find myself absent-mindedly singing them in Walmart! You squeal and laugh and bang on the instruments like you're a real member of the band. I love dreaming about what you'll be like when you grow up. I can't wait to see what little pieces of your future I'm getting to glimpse now...

Your new favorite game is whenever I cover your face with something and say "Boop!" It doesn't matter if it's a burp cloth, your pajamas, or your stuffed ball. You just laugh and laugh until you can hardly catch your breath! I love it! I've noticed that my phone is running slower and slower these days because I keep filling it with adorable video clips of you laughing hysterically. Maybe I should bust out the video camera once in a while... :- )

We had fun on your first Valentine's Day! You and I made several Valentine's to send to the ladies in your life. You are such a cutie and everyone was excited to see your first scribbles on their cards. We attempted to do some painting with your friends Ethan and Jack but we mainly managed to make a huge mess and laugh hysterically. It was a wonderful day and Ms. Amanda and I laughed until we cried as we watched you three boys attempt to paint. What a mess we made! I loved every moment of the sweet Valentine's crafts.

Your personality grows more precious with each passing day. I love watching it develop and dreaming about the little boy and man you'll become one day. I'm so thrilled to stay home with you my sweet baby boy and love every second of it - even the days when I swear that clock is moving backwards! Your laughter fills my heart with a joy I've never known before. I'm so thankful God gave me you! I love you Little Man!