Thursday, December 13, 2012

4 months

Note from mom: Yes, I know Caleb will turn 5 months in 9 short days. However, Caleb celebrated turning 4 months old by cutting not one but two cute little teeth. It threw our household into a tailspin and we are just recovering. Therefore, this post is more than a little late. Better late than never, right?

Dear Caleb,

On Thanksgiving day, you turned an amazing 4 months old! Thanksgiving Day also marked a year exactly from the day our doctor called to confirm that you were on your way. What an incredible year it has been my sweet little one! I'm so blessed to be your Mom!

At your 4 month appointment you weighed a whopping 18 lbs and 4 oz! That's the 98th percentile! You stretch those pounds out over an amazing 27". Again you're in the 98th percentile! Where'd you get those tall genes from little man? (Well, maybe not so little...)

You're still an extremely happy baby. You're so easy going and willing to do whatever is on tap for the day. I love spending all day with you. You're my precious little companion!

This month was full of huge accomplishments for you. On November 5th you rolled over from your tummy to your back for the first time. You spent the whole day rolling over and we were so proud of you! Then you refused to do it again until Thanksgiving Day. Silly boy! You also started reaching for and grabbing toys. Now everything you see goes in your mouth. It's a very exciting development!

You have finally found your thumb! Praise the Lord! However, there are lots of days when you suck on your finger and your thumb - or both thumbs at once. You often suck your thumb palm up with your fingers sticking out to the side. Only once have I seen you get that thumb in your mouth and make a perfect little fist. You even hooked your thumb over your nose - just like mommy used to do! I'm very ready for you to give up this silly pacifier. I'm so tired of trying to keep it clean and make sure we have it everywhere we go.

You tolerate tummy time if you have a constant stream of toys and entertainment. You'd much rather be on your back and even them you don't like it for too long. Your newest favorite toy is your exersaucer. You want to spend most of your day in it because you can stand and talk to all of the toys. You are quite anxious to be a boy on the move! The first day I put you in your exersaucer you gave me your first real belly laugh. (I happened to catch it on video.) Since then you've given us a lot of sweet laughs. It's pretty much my favorite sound in the world. You laugh most often when I change your clothes. Almost every time I pull your arm through the sleeve you laugh like it's the most fun you've ever had! I, of course, laugh when I see how happy you are and you just laugh even more. I love it!

At the beginning of this month we attempted to wean you off of your swaddle. We started by putting you in a sleep sack, turning the sleeves inside out, and safety pinning them down. It was absolutely ridiculous! What was even more ridiculous was that you woke up every morning with your elbows sticking out of the arm holes like little chicken wings. It was a sad, pathetic, sight. As soon as we stopped the tight swaddles you stopped sleeping through the night. That lasted all of about 4 nights before we went back to swaddling. When we put you back in the swaddle you literally sighed in relief. Then one morning we woke up and found you like this:

Thankfully, that morning you rolled over and the swaddle was history. You now sleep on your tummy and you immediately went back to sleeping through the night like a champ. I know the "experts" tell us not to put you to sleep on your belly but you sleep so well! We're all much happier campers.

Your first Thanksgiving was wonderful and full of lots and lots of family! It's hard to believe that in a year you'll be sitting in a high chair and eating the yummy meal with us. Thanksgiving with Gaga and Papaw had a few snags and hang ups, but it didn't change the fact that we loved being together and eating amazing food! Gaga even bought you a special Thanksgiving outfit.

I am excited about the month to come! You're growing and changing so quickly and this season will be filled with amazing lights and sights and experiences. I can't wait to watch you enjoy your first Christmas. Your daddy and I love you so much! You are my precious little Pumpkin Doodle and I am so honored to be your Mommy. I can't believe how fast you're growing and how much fun we're having together! I love you sweet baby boy! Don't grow too quickly, ok?