Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snowmaggedon 2011

My brother and his family live in Indiana. They are used to snow and cold and the like. I live in Texas for a reason - I do not like bitterly cold weather and I only like snow in small doses. That being said, last week in Texas was NOT my cup of tea!

Monday was a beautiful day. My students were out of school and I spent the day doing parent-teacher conferences.
Tuesday, February 1st came in screaming with sleet and ice. It made travel impossible and locked everyone indoors. School was canceled and when we checked the weather, we were so very thankful they had!


17 degrees with a wind chill of -1?!?! No thank you!
 It didn't get above freezing until Saturday. I tucked my tail between my legs and planted myself here:

Warm fire!

This made it even better:

Cua's the black puppy, Marley's the white one

I stayed put (and read three books) until they made me go to work for a few hours on Thursday. When I got home, I returned to my chair by the fire and didn't move again until Friday morning. That's when I realized my backyard looked like this:

7 inches of snow!!!!

With school clearly canceled, the Hubsters and I bundled up and went to play! We found a hill and some nice people let us borrow their boogie board to slide down over and over and over. Sadly, the pictures don't do it justice! We had fun but quickly realized why my brother complains about snow as much as he does.

Snow laundry! Wow!
 Temperatures finally climbed above freezing on Saturday and we ventured to Wal Mart - along with everyone else in town!

Toilet paper shelves

The egg case

Clearly, we didn't get the eggs we needed. Wal Mart hadn't gotten any trucks in three days and was severely short handed. They were stocking shelves as fast as customers were clearing it out!

Things returned to normal for a few days and we actually got to work Monday and Tuesday! However, this morning another storm blew through and now we're iced in. Again.

Today's weather
From the looks of it, I won't be venturing outdoors anytime soon! In fact, I think I'll go find those puppies and take another nap. This winter weather makes me feel like it's time to hibernate!