Monday, April 26, 2010

The next chapter

So here's how it all unfolded... A friend of ours is the general manager at Chick-Fil-A. He said they needed cashiers. After much debate, we decided I should apply so that we could have a little extra cash for an anniversary trip and my brother's upcoming wedding. That was several weeks ago. When we didn't hear anything from the owner of the store, we decided God was telling us to wait some more. So we waited. We knew God had a plan so we just waited like we've been doing for a year now!

On Friday, our friend called to set up an interview. I went in later that afternoon to interview with him and the owner. I went in and talked with the owner. As we talked, he began to express the fact that I was over-qualified for a cashier job and that he'd much rather hire me as his director of marketing. I'd never considered anything in marketing so I was shocked. He told me to go home and think about it and discuss it with the hubs.

It didn't take much discussing to realize that we both had a huge amount of peace about the position and that we were very very excited! Saturday morning, I texted our friend and told him I was interested in the job despite the lack of experience and would love to be considered for the position. That afternoon, I met him at Chick-Fil-A to fill out tax papers. I start work tomorrow!

We are thrilled about the position and I can't wait to work for such an incredible company! The more I've read my orientation papers, the more I love Chick-Fil-A. I will continue to actively seek a teaching position in the area. Then in August I can walk away with no strings attached. Or, if I don't have a teaching position I can stay on at Chick-Fil-A.

And thus begins a new chapter in the life of the Hammonds!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Being productive

Yesterday, I finally finished my first major sewing project all by myself! I'm really very proud of it! I worked through mistakes without getting frustrated and fell head over heels in love with sewing. However, I can't post pictures because it's a gift for a friend and I think she just might be a blog reader. But after I surprise her, I'll put the pictures here to show off my new-found "talent". (Let's just hope she finds the imprefections charming and not a major drawback.)

I'm already on the hunt for my next project. I'm currently limited to the pieces I've stolen from my mom's fabric pile but I fully intend to stock up on all those fabric sales I keep finding! I want to sew non-stop now!! (I just hate the cutting parts...)

Yesterday, DJ trimmed the bushes out front. They had suddenly sprouted to the height of DJ's chin and were horribly unruly. They're now neat and trim and tidy. We discovered a birds nest in one bush and a tree behind another. Yes, a tree. DJ knew it was there - he'd attempted to cut it out about 4 years ago and hadn't gotten all of the roots so the hardy little booger grew back. It was literally right next to the foundation of the house, so we knew it had to go. We were able to dig up pieces of the root and keep some of the stem in tact. Therefore, in honor of Earth Day we were able to plant TWO trees in our back yard! (We cut the root in half.) We didn't have any stakes or wire that we should use, so we used plant ties to attach it to two (unlit) tiki torches. It's quite amusing to see! I was going to post pictures, but it's raining outside. I was also going to post pictures of our blossoming fruit plants, but again the rain is falling at a steady rate.

So, no pictures today. Sorry. I think I'm going to go attack that scraps pile to see what I can create! Any suggestions?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hammond Hurricane

The past few weeks have been a hurricane of activities and fun here in the Hammond House. We have about 30 seconds of down time before we gear up for the next event. Here's a summary of life as we know it:
  • A few weeks ago D.J. took his tennis team to the district tennis tournament. Amazingly, he had three teams qualify for the regional competition - a first in the school's history! WOW! I was so proud of him I though I just might burst. (The administration at his school was quite proud of him as well!)
  • With only a few weeks to prepare for regionals, D.J. started extended after school practices with his qualifiers. He came home exhausted every day!
  • On top of preparing for regionals, the final TAKS test of the year is only days away. His 18 remaining students have one more chance to pass or they won't graduate. It's do or die time!
  • I have spent several Saturdays at job fairs with very few positive results. We know of several reasons for the discouraging results: There are a fresh slew of college grads at these fairs and I look younger than all of them - despite being 5 years their senior! The economy is resulting in more and more unemployment. These businessmen are now looking to the field of education as a steady form of employment. Also because of the economy, the government has cut back their funding and therefore school districts aren't able to hire as many people. And while we're on the economy, teachers who are hoping to move to a new district won't quit their current job until they have a new one lined up. Therefore, there's no openings and principals haven't caught wind of any openings they might have in the future. Yeah, I feel super optimistic!
  • The regional tennis tournament was earlier this week. Because it was an overnight trip, D.J. needed a female chaperone. That means I got to tag along and get a free night in a hotel and free meals out! It was wonderful! We had a great time and for a few minutes I actually caught myself enjoying the crazy teenagers. :) Unfortunately, we live in Region II. In the past 20 some odd years there has never been a state tennis champion that didn't come from Region II. This doesn't happen anywhere else in the nation, therefore our region is considered the most competitve one in the country. Therefore, D.J.'s kids didn't do too well... But we had a good time!
  • Now that the tennis season is over, D.J. is focused on getting his kids through the TAKS next week. After that we have the student/faculty tennis tournament and then preparing for the end of the year. Like I said 30 seconds of down time before the next wave of the hurricane hits!
  • On the way home from the tennis tournament, my sore throat felt like someone set it on fire. We called and begged for the last doctor appointment of the day and heard what we already knew - strep throat! So I've spent the last few days parked on the couch. I've enjoyed the chance to rest, but the bags are still packed and the laundry is piled up. However, today I'm feeling my energy return and I think I can swallow again.
  • On Saturday, I'm going to a Beth Moore simulcast with my mother-in-law. I'm really excited about it - I love Beth Moore!
So that's the update from the Hammond's! I'm off to attempt swallowing again... Maybe I'll actually get to eat today! Woo hoo!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm loving it!

I was going to post pictures from our fantastic April Fool's Day dinner, but that's going to have to wait... We're in charge of dinner for our community group tonight and I need to get started chopping up all those yummy veggies! Before I get moving on that, I wanted to share something with you all.

One of my favorite blogs, The Pioneer Woman, recently posted some office supplies that she found on her last shopping trip. I fell head over heels in love with the items she purchased and with the company itself. I'm not sure if it's because the humor reminds me of my brother or if it's because I love Post-Its and office supplies so very much - I just know they're fantabulous! I told my husband (and my mom) (and my sister) (and my best friend) that these items were on my official Christmas wish list. And my "Because you love Alli" wish list. And my "Alli had a bad day and needs a pick-me-up" wish list. And my "Mad Money" wish list. And my "Alli did something fantastic and needs a little reward" wish list. And my... I'll spare you the rest of my lists. (I'm a list maker, can you tell? Maybe that's another reason I love these items so much!) So without further ado, slip over to The Pioneer Woman and check out these fantastic items. And while you're at it, buy a few things and mail them to me! :)
The most wonderful office supplies in the world!

While we're talking about items on my wish lists, I also love these cards (also from The Pioneer Woman). I assume they're also from the aforementioned shopping trip, but I'm not sure. I just know I want one of everything!
Hilarious cards!

Thank you for indulging me! I just love the sarcasm. The wit. The bold colors. The fact that someone else finally admits the truth on paper. Fantastic! Simply fantastic!