Friday, April 23, 2010

Being productive

Yesterday, I finally finished my first major sewing project all by myself! I'm really very proud of it! I worked through mistakes without getting frustrated and fell head over heels in love with sewing. However, I can't post pictures because it's a gift for a friend and I think she just might be a blog reader. But after I surprise her, I'll put the pictures here to show off my new-found "talent". (Let's just hope she finds the imprefections charming and not a major drawback.)

I'm already on the hunt for my next project. I'm currently limited to the pieces I've stolen from my mom's fabric pile but I fully intend to stock up on all those fabric sales I keep finding! I want to sew non-stop now!! (I just hate the cutting parts...)

Yesterday, DJ trimmed the bushes out front. They had suddenly sprouted to the height of DJ's chin and were horribly unruly. They're now neat and trim and tidy. We discovered a birds nest in one bush and a tree behind another. Yes, a tree. DJ knew it was there - he'd attempted to cut it out about 4 years ago and hadn't gotten all of the roots so the hardy little booger grew back. It was literally right next to the foundation of the house, so we knew it had to go. We were able to dig up pieces of the root and keep some of the stem in tact. Therefore, in honor of Earth Day we were able to plant TWO trees in our back yard! (We cut the root in half.) We didn't have any stakes or wire that we should use, so we used plant ties to attach it to two (unlit) tiki torches. It's quite amusing to see! I was going to post pictures, but it's raining outside. I was also going to post pictures of our blossoming fruit plants, but again the rain is falling at a steady rate.

So, no pictures today. Sorry. I think I'm going to go attack that scraps pile to see what I can create! Any suggestions?

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