Thursday, November 19, 2009


Just in case you were wondering...

There are only 8 days until Thanksgiving.
There are 36 days until Christmas.

This fills my heart with joy and makes it beat to the rhythm of "Baby It's Cold Outside"! True story: The other day I was doing my regular grocery shopping extravaganza at Wal Mart and wandered dangerously close to the Christmas section where they were cheerfully playing Christmas carols through a small boom box. My heart beat faster, I got very excited, I had a small case of the shakes, and a goofy grin spread across my face from ear to ear. The rest of the trip I found myself humming (loudly) and dancing down the aisles. Hopefully I'll never be forced to see the security tapes. But I'm sure I gave someone a good holiday laugh!

But that's not the point of this blog. The point was to create a list of things I'm thankful for. So here we go:

--I'm thankful for grace I don't deserve.
--I'm thankful that God put me in a loving, healthy, happy, family that raised me with a passion for the Lord and for others.
--I'm thankful for a husband I don't deserve.
--I'm thankful for a wonderful home that I get to care for.
--I'm thankful for two puppies that keep us thoroughly entertained.
--I'm thankful for a "mature" friendship with my mom and sister.
--I'm thankful for 7 nieces and nephews that fill my heart with joy.
--I'm thankful for a brother and sister who have always loved and encouraged me - even if they did it with tears streaming down their face as they laughed at my milk bath.
--I'm thankful for inside jokes.
--I'm thankful for my best friend who has never left my side in over 22 years.
--I'm thankful for a new family that adopted me when I fell in love with DJ.
--I'm thankful for TWO holiday celebrations full of love and joy.
--I'm thankful for a dryer that will get the job done, even if it takes all day.
--I'm thankful for opposable thumbs.
--I'm thankful for bleach.
--I'm thankful for allergy medications.
--I'm thankful for crafting blogs.
--I'm thankful for friendships - some old, some new, some very very odd!
--I'm thankful for stainless steal pots and pans.

That's just the tip of the ice berg, but it'll do for now. I wonder - what are you thankful for?

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Callie said...

I've been doing "I'm thankful for..." on Facebook...take a's been fun b/c it really makes you stop and think each day...I love reading your blog; keep it up!