Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lessons Learned

1. Marriage is not for wimps! It's hard work but more wonderful than I ever could have imagined! It's an amazing blessing, but takes a lot of effort.
2. Red velvet cake is not my friend. I attempted to make cake mix cookies with red velvet today and they didn't turn out that well. Let me re-phrase that. They were a bitter, finger-staining disaster. I added sugar and they just got sparkly. I attempted to make cream cheese frosting to put on top and it ran off the cookies and coated the platter. So we have red, sparkly cookies with a hint of icing on them and a beautiful fall platter covered in icing. I haven't decided yet if I'll take them to Community Group tonight.
3. When making lemon cookies, if you drop the bottle of flavoring in the batter you should take steps to scoop some of that flavor back out. Assuming it'll be fine results in cookies that make you suck your face in.
4. Professionals sprinkle powdered sugar very gracefully. I do not. Sprinkling said powdered sugar on said suck your face in sour cookies does not make them look like they came from a bakery. It makes them look like you dropped the canister on the plate.
5. God's free gift of grace is overwhelming. He canceled the debt I couldn't pay. Seriously - it brings tears to my eyes.
6. My husband bought me flowers on Monday after our dryer broke. It is, by far, the highlight of my week thus far!
7. When a dog with a cone on his head lays right next to you it is very easy to hook your foot in said cone and fling the dog from here to kingdom come!
8. Dogs steal each other's bones. That's all - they steal bones.
9. Cookie dough is not an adequate breakfast.
10. The black spot on the wall hasn't moved all day. I thought it was a bug. Now I don't know.

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Leslie said...

Pampered Chef has an amazing little thing for sprinkling powdered sugar on need one!