Friday, November 20, 2009

All in a day...

Yesterday I had two very grouchy puppies on my hands. Maybe they knew the weather was changing. Maybe they are ready for some vacation time. Maybe they didn't sleep well the night before. Maybe they, too, were stressed by the dinner delay when I ran out of milk and my husband had the debit card safely tucked in his wallet while he was in Ft. Worth. Whatever the case, they fought all day long. It's like having kids! (Except you can't reason with them, talk to them, or punish them. 'Cause they're dogs.) I do know Marley was anxious to be outside:
and not very happy that I wouldn't let him out for the 652nd time that day...
Therefore, my heart soared and I grinned like a fool when my husband heroically arrived home with a gallon of milk and these:

Gerbera daises are one of my favorite flowers of all time. These look just like 5 rays of sunshine sitting on my table!
This one is streaked with orange. I've never seen one like it! It's so beautiful!
The center also has a stripe across the bottom part of it and the black changes to brown. It's weird, but I love it. I wish they would last forever! They're amazing!!!
This one is all yellow and all sunshine. Doesn't it seem to smile and say, "Have a happy day despite grouchy puppies and crafts that don't work out!"

This one hasn't even finished opening up yet. That means I have lots of loving left! Woo hoo!
My husband is fantastic! Don't you think? Adding to his wonderfulness, he puts up with my four-year-old melt downs. When I get tired - I mean really tired - I tend to have melt downs similar to a small child. Last night I started crying when I dropped an M&M on the floor. I kept crying because I wasn't a good puppy momma and therefore would never be a good human mommy and I was mad that I had run out of milk in the middle of making dinner and I wanted time with my husband and hadn't had any and I didn't have a job and my toe nails weren't painted. Like I said, I melt down like a child. My amazing husband puts up with it all. (Sometimes I wonder if he wonders why he married me.) He stopped me in my tracks when I started spouting lies (like I wasn't a good puppy momma) and held me while I sobbed over the lack of milk and toe nail polish. He then let the dogs out and put me to bed. I fell asleep in a record breaking 3.4 seconds and slept through the thunderstorms, whining dogs, and alarm clock! Like I said, my husband is fantastic!

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Him and Her said...

he is amazing! glad he takes such good care of you and your inner child =)
I remembering hearing "you fall in love with the woman, but you marry the little girl"
SO true, not sure what it is. I tend to revert to lil me when i'm cranky, haha.
you should check out my blog list on my site, there are many crafy blogs that i love! i was just looking at this one...