Wednesday, November 18, 2009


There is a large part of me that refuses to blog unless I have a glorious story to share. Well, maybe not glorious. Inspiring? No. Amusing? Not always. A story? Not even then... Anyway - on to the blog. Which really doesn't have much of a story today - glorious or otherwise.

Things seem to happen in spurts around here. Monday was filled with 6-7 hours of pre-holiday shopping. I went all over the big city (and by big city I mean Mesquite) and priced holiday gifts so we could budget and watch for sales to find the best deals. I love shopping on Black Friday and want to make sure I really am getting the absolute very best bang for my buck. I figured I had plenty of time on my hands so why not spend 6 hours window shopping? I take that back - I did buy some ribbon on sale for 40 cents and a ton of can goods for 45 cents. Big spender, I know.

Then, Monday night I got two e-mails about interviews for tutoring positions on Tuesday. Suddenly, Tuesday seemed jam packed and stressful! However, one of the people I was supposed to interview with ended up in the hospital with pregnancy complications. The other interview was quite odd and un-organized and I seriously doubt anything will come of it. I found myself all dressed up with no where to go. So I sat on the couch and worked on some towels. Then I sorted M&Ms by color. Then I ate them. Then I made a meatloaf. Thrilling day, huh? So - it's back to Craigslist to hunt for more jobs! (I'm still contemplating selling my crafts. The details are all so very fuzzy...)

Marley has discovered how to whine. He whines when he's hungry. He whines when he needs out. He whines when he's bored. I've seen him whine when he's sound asleep. I understand that the pup doesn't have words and only has three forms of communication available to him. But the constant whine that never stops is no fun at all. Constant. No fun.

While shopping on Monday I discovered a coupon in my purse for dog food. So I trotted over to Petsmart only to discover that you had to buy a minimum of 15 pounds and they only offered our brand in 20 pound bags. Our dog only weighs 9 pounds and eats a half a cup a day! After a little fancy math skills I figured out it would take $52 to buy 20 pounds of food in the 5lb bag we normally purchase. I got 20lbs for $25. It's a great deal! It's like getting 2 bags for free. But now we have 20 lbs of dog food that I'm not sure what to do with. It doesn't all fit in the tub and is piled on top in Ziploc bags the size of the dog herself. Why did we think a dog with a diet of a half a cup a day needed this much food? I can tell you one thing - she'll never need to go hungry! She'll have food until our first child is 9 years old!!!

That is, of course, unless I find a cute dog food craft...

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