Monday, November 9, 2009

Oh no!

It was pointed out over the weekend that I forgot to tag my little sister in my list of people I wanted to respond to my favorite things post. So here is her very own post - dedicated to her!

Her name is Megan Nicole. She shares her middle name with our niece - Grace Nicole.
Megan has brown hair and brown eyes - just like Belle from "Beauty and the Beast". She's a princess waiting for her beast! Wait, that didn't come out right... She's absolutely gorgeous - even when her older sister prevents her from taking a shower and makes her mad because she thought the alarm was the cell phone ringing.
Sometimes she wears contacts. Sometimes she wears glasses. She's cute as a bug either way.
I call her Meg-a-boo. No one really knows how that got started or why I chose to call her that, but she has her very own nickname that only I call her. She's just special like that!
She just graduated from ACU. When she was in high school she swore she'd never go there because she didn't want to follow in my footsteps. Then she went to the Junior Scholars program. (Again, no one really knows why she did that.) She fell in love and officially became a Wildcat. She didn't follow in my footsteps though. She's an artist. She's way better than I could ever dream to be. She could paint something blindfolded and use her right hand and still do better than my best efforts without the blindfold! (She's a leftie by the way. My dad and I are too. But that's beside the point!)
Megan's dating a guy named Arsu. I can't pronounce his last name but she can. Arsu has a super cool accent because he's from Madagascar. Megan's never been there. Arsu has.
Right now Megan's a part time Nanny to help fill in the gaps of her free-lance work. I wish I had her job. Not the free-lance part. (As previously stated, she has way more talent than me.) The Nanny part. That'd be fun! She gets to cuddle and love on a little baby while her mom works. (The baby's mom - not Megan's mom. Although Megan's mom is at work while Megan cuddles. But that's not the point here either!)
Megan plays in the church hand bell choir. Right now they're using mallets instead of picking up the bells and ringing them. She says it's fun. I think she's cool.
Megan likes to beat D.J. at Solitaire Frenzy. Not that either one of them is competitive about it...
Megan likes to play Guitar Hero. She doesn't own Guitar Hero, but we do and she plays it whenever she can.
Megan has a secret that I can't post on the blog because she'd kill me. But the family knows. Oh, how we know. And laugh. (She laughs too. Most of the time.)
Megan has met some cool famous people. None of them come to mind right now, but I know she has. She's just cool like that. Celebrities flock around her because she radiates coolness.
I love my sister. Her name is Megan. (I also love cheese.)


Him and Her said...

i told thomas, weeks ago when we were looking for care for lil Bear, that if you still were in town and didn't find work that I would totally ask you to take care of lil Bear. But alas, you're not here, you're there, boo.

Anonymous said...

I like cheese...and Andrew Peterson. :)