Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Since we decided to move to Forney in March, we've been waiting on the perfect job to open up. I went to the job fair and things seemed positive, but there weren't any openings. I applies to other districts and things seemed less than promising. School started and there was nothing. School continued and I stayed home day after day. I had an interview for 3rd and 4th grade positions and never heard back. We'd both decided that God's plan for this season just didn't include teaching. My heart broke and I wept over the death of a dream. We started looking for alternate sources of income.
And then came Thursday. On Thursday night, we got a text from a friend that a new position had been posted in Forney! It was for an autism class in an elementary school less than 10 minutes from our house! My heart has always secretly wanted to teach an autism class but had never thought I'd have the chance to teach the class. I immediately sent my resume to the principal and spent most of Friday anxiously waiting to hear. I finally called the school and got the resume sent to the right person. The interview process hadn't started, so I had to spend the weekend waiting.
Yesterday, ANOTHER position was posted on the Forney website. I'm highly qualified for this position as well so I fired off an e-mail to the principal and sat back to wait some more! Yesterday, the first school called for an interview for the autism class. When I fully realized what was going on, I came unglued I was so excited. I jumped! I screamed! I spun in circles!
So tomorrow morning, I'll head the 10 minutes to the school and nervously interview for the job I want so badly. Please pray! That's all I know to say... Pray!

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