Monday, October 26, 2009


First there was the Snuggie... (
Then there was the original Slanket... (
Let me just say - these look wonderful and cozy! I love the idea behind them!! Plus, the Slanket offers lots of options! They have regular sized in 15 colors, kid sized in 8 colors, travel sized in 4 colors, and now...wait for it...wait for it... The siamese Slanket! It only comes in two colors, but there are four sleeves! (What a perfect Christmas present for newlyweds... Hint! Hint!)
However, my husband and I decided this morning that someone should bottle up the wonderful feeling you get when your puppies are curled up peacefully on your lap. We could then sell the wonderfulness to those who love dogs but are allergic, or to those who have always wanted the cuteness of a lap dog but have a husband who demands a rotwelier. Wouldn't it be wonderful? I'd buy it in travel size and take it with me!! We're thinking about calling it snuppy - for snuggle puppy.
But how do you bottle a feeling so wonderful and warm?

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Leslie said...

We saw Snuggies for DOGS at Petsmart last weekend!