Monday, October 12, 2009

What a wonderful weekend!

We had an amazing weekend!! After our party on Friday night, we got up on Saturday, made breakfast, and played games. It was wonderful! We spent the rest of the day lounging and enjoying time together. It was cold outside and I convinced D.J. that what we needed more than anything was to watch Elf. I know it's not Christmas, but I loved it all the same!
On Sunday we made a nice, warm fire and curled up with a nice wintery movie! (This time is was The Holiday.) After we ran out of fire wood and the fire died down, we decided to go see Toy Story 1 and 2 in 3D! I have chronic vertigo and so we haven't attempted a 3D movie before. (Vertigo makes you extremely dizzy. I usually get very sick to my stomach as a result. It's aggrivated by the weather, certain sounds and tones, and overwhelming visual effects.) However, since I love both Toy Story movies and know them by heart, we figured this would be a great one to try out. We loved it! We were amazed by the 3D effects. By the end of both movies, my eyes were very tired from having to constantly re-focus and I had a bit of a headache - but I didn't get dizzy or sick to my stomach. Woo hoo! And, we got very excited about the new 3D movies coming out. The technology has advanced so much from when they made the original Toy Story! (Random, fun fact: When they first made Toy Story back in the day, they made it in 3D. However, they had to convert it to 2D because the theaters weren't prepared for a 3D event. This makes the world's first fully computer animated movie just that much more impressive!)
It is still very cold and wintery looking outside and I'm loving it. However, the worst part of fall is still to come... It'll climb back into the 80s before the week is out! But then, come Friday, we'll have highs in the 50s once again. Oh fall, how I've missed thee!! :)

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