Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Moving Musings...

Yesterday I was incredibly productive and got a lot of things done! All of my education stuff has been moved into the guest bedroom and we officially have our dining room back. New pictures are in several picture frames and there are even a few pictures on the wall! We'll have to take them down as soon as we paint, but that won't be for a while...
While I was home alone cleaning and moving (tons of) boxes I did a lot of thinking. Here's a summary of my thoughts:

*Sometimes there are noises outside. If I'm not careful, my over active imagination convinces me that it's a scary masked man ready to break in and kill me and my puppies. Usually, it's something as simple as rain hitting the window or someone taking their garbage to the curb. I have to be careful not to let my imagination run away with me.
*I'm happy at home and I enjoy making a home for D.J. But I don't know if I want to do it forever. Once all of the boxes are un-packed and the paint is on the walls, will I continue to fill my days or will I sit and watch TV without purpose?
*I'm completely at peace waiting on the Lord. I have no clue what He's doing but I'm at peace. It's a weird place to be. Completely unsure of the future, completely at peace in what my Lord is doing.
*I pondered a lot about how to make much of God and much less of me. In the classroom, this was easy for me to see most of the time. Now that I'm at home, it's much more difficult. How do I make much of Him when I'm home alone with two puppies?
*Marley (our puppy) won't go to the bathroom outside for me - only D.J. I sure hope this trend doesn't continue. Cleaning up puppy piddles isn't fun!
*I love being a hostess. I love sharing my home and cooking with family and friends. I need to seek this out more often!

I moved lots of boxes yesterday and I'm very sore and sleepy. A nap is sounding better by the minute!! Maybe I should grab another cup of coffee... (Or maybe I should just give in and sleep!)

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Brandi said...

I had no idea you were here in Blogland. I'm so glad you are. Now I can keep up with you and your DH. Use the time you have wisely. I'm sure God is preparing you for something great! Unpack, relax, and have fun. I'm sure these days won't last forever.