Friday, August 28, 2009

Tae Bo and a Month-a-versary

Yesterday was our second "month-a-versary". Our first month-a-versary was decidely disappointing due to a bad interview and a powerful pain pill/laughing gas combination so we decided to really celebrate our second month as husband and wife. I met DJ for lunch at school and had a blast. (I even wore a skirt and pearls!) When he came home from work he was carrying this:
(Ignore the clutter and the empty wedding picture frames - focus on the rose!!) We had a great evening just hanging out together... We picked up Mexican food from our favorite little local spot and sat on the couch and watched "Because I Said So" together. It was so wonderful to just be together and enjoy being newlyweds so very madly in love!
Today hasn't been nearly as wonderful as last night, to say the least. We both woke up slightly grumpy and had a difficult time getting the day going. After discovering that the job openings posted on a certain school district's website had already been filled, I had myself a good long cry. After chats with my mom and my husband I packed up my gloomies in a box, sat on the lid, and laughed. Actually, I made a grocery list - but whatever. After digging through websites and cookbooks I have assembled a menu of mainly new recipes that I'm excited to try. I've had fairly good luck thus far (although I screwed up the scrambled eggs this morning) and am feeling brave enough to try some more complex recipes. We'll see how it goes!
I then decided to give Tae Bo another try. Here are my revelations from this go round:
--I did much better this time. I didn't reach the flailing monkey status until at least half way through the tape. And my muscles didn't reach a Jell-O like consistency until the next to the last set. This was a huge improvement for me!
--My spandex-clad friend could not possibly get that sweaty doing warm-ups, shoulder rolls, and stretches. I'm convinced they either tape the routine out of order, do a bazillion takes, or spray the man down with a spray bottle!
--I find I punch much harder when I imagine a face of a person I know on the wall. When this doesn't work I pretend to punch the fool out of Billy Blanks. I must be careful, however. I got a little too close to the TV.

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