Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A new beginning?

The hubby started work yesterday and I met my mom in Hillsboro for some lunch, shopping, and good old fashioned girl time! It was wonderful!! Today, I have no such grand plans. I have a to do list started and very high hopes for all the things I can accomplish today. We'll see how it goes. :) We're still waiting on the Lord to see what He has in mind. We've talked about a lot various options, but no decisions have been made. For now, we have peace about just waiting and trusting.
In other news, our new puppy has learned the word "hungry". It makes meal time so much more fun! We're enjoying having two dogs and I love watching them play together. This morning, the puppy ran around for ten minutes just throwing toys in the air and doing laps around the coffee table. Why can't we all have that kind of energy?
Now I'm off to organize books and picture frames. Here's hoping I can get enough done today that my husband will be impressed when he comes home!

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