Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tae Bo

Yesterday I did Tae Bo. I now remember why I stopped doing it... I had a few revelations while I huffed and puffed my way through the tape.

--I will never be as coordinated as the people on the tape. That is why I have a teaching certificate and they are getting paid to do Tae Bo in front of a camera.
--The people on the tape look cool doing jabs and round house kicks. The reflection I saw in the glass on the entertainment center looked more like a flailing monkey.
--Puppies and Tae Bo don't mix. I kicked Marley clear to the dinning room. He avoided me the rest of the day.
--Billy Blanks is very up beat and encouraging. He also wears very tight spandex.
--After punching the wall and kicking the air, I'm very sore. Therefore, there is great debate about what to do today - rest or do Tae Bo again. I think I shall scrub the toilets while I ponder.

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Charree said...

I try to do my exercises while Matt is at work as often as possible for some of the reasons you mentioned above. Keep up the good work!