Saturday, August 15, 2009


D.J. and his niece have birthdays only five days apart. I took on the task of cake making and was put in charge of all birthday cakes from now on... Here's my attempts at cake decorating! First, D.J.'s R2D2 cake:

His niece wanted a tie-dye soccer ball cake. It was quite the experiment in cake baking, but I think I pulled it off!!


Charree said...

Good job! It looks like you are enjoying your new married life. I am so glad and happy for you!

Have a blessed day!

Glenn said...

Your cakes look so good...and yummy! I am so glad you started a blog! I have been wanting to start one for a little while now but our lives are not that interesting. However, I thought about starting a 'cooking' blog. We LOVE to cook and do so 6-7 times a week...we will see! God is good and He will provide what is best for your new family in His time!