Monday, August 24, 2009

What a very busy couple of days it has been! My head and heart are still reeling from it all... Way back in December when we set our wedding date, we knew that we would be able to enjoy an extended honeymoon and have tons of time to set up the house. What we didn't expect was how spoiled we would get. We had grown accustomed to seeing each other only on the weekends (that's what happens when you fall in love with guy on eHarmony I suppose!) and were used to having a relationship with our phones. However, all of that changed when school got out. We've been together pretty much all day every day since June 6th. It has been like a fairy tale! We have loved every second of it! We both knew that it would come to an end eventually...
Last week D.J. had inservice (read: lots of long, boring meetings about a whole lot of nothing) and I joined him Thursday afternoon, Friday, and Saturday to get his tennis office and classroom organized, cleaned, and ready for a brand new year. (It's amazing how messy and unorganized things got last year when we were spending so much time driving between two cities!)
On Thursday we had to go shopping for a few school supplies to start the year. In the middle of the dry erase markers at Mardel, I suddenly dissolved into tears. My heart was broken that I didn't have a classroom to shop for and I couldn't stop crying for the career I'd left behind. I struggled through the rest of the trip with my faithful husband encouraging and loving me every step of the way. As we were checking out I had a sudden realization: If I'm going to say with my mouth that I'm trusting God's plan for this year, then I need to follow through with my heart, emotions, and actions. Letting myself mope and cry my way through Mardel without fighting for Truth was simply not an option!
As we drove to the next store, I gave myself a good slapping and decided to suck it up and choose joy. Shopping at Wal-Mart was so much more enjoyable because of it! There were still moments where I had to choke back tears, but I got to enjoy the time with my sweet husband. That's far more precious than me being miserable and wallowing in my own pride.
Friday and Saturday we worked in his classroom and tennis office. I was able to thoroughly enjoy organizing and labeling everything. It was such a great time! Saturday night we went to see "Julie & Julia". Such a great movie!! (The previews were horrible. I had to step into the hall and wait for the movie to start.) I loved the beautiful picture of marriage. There were two marriages pictured and in both relationships, the spouses were madly in love and remained faithful despite the trials, tribulations, and tears of life. I highly recommend it to all ages! (D.J. loved it too! Gals, bring your husbands along!)
Sunday morning, the message was all about salvation. It was a story I've heard a million times over in my life. But for some reason, this time as the pastor prayed with people crossing the line of faith, tears flowed down my face. I was struck by the power of the moment - the fact that their eternity was forever changed in the blink of an eye. I felt so blessed to just be in the room as the heavens rejoiced. There are so many times I take my salvation for granted - like God owes it to me! What a ridiculous, prideful notion!!
So that brings us to today... D.J. started his first class of the year about an hour ago. I'm determined to spend the day praying for him and working around the house. Since I've been helping D.J. in his classroom the past several days I haven't done much laundry or dishes or cleaning so my plan is to do a lot of catching up today! So off my duff, unload the dishwasher, and get the laundry going! Here we go!

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