Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What I've been up to...

I've been absent from blog-land for a few days now... Here's why:

1. We were redecorating.

2. We were celebrating D.J.'s dad's birthday.
3. I had an interview. I still haven't heard from the principal. I find this exceedingly frustrating!
4. I was organzing my grocery list for my massive stock-up grocery trip.
5. I was creating a cute little clipboard to hold my list while I shopped.
6. I was playing with my puppies.
7. I was organizing my coupons for the previously mentioned grocery trip.
8. D.J. had to go out of town.
9. Since D.J. was out of town, I went to Waco and played with more puppies.
10. While I was in Waco, my mom, sister, and I did more scrapbooking than you can imagine. (For those of you who scrap, you know how exciting it is to see that many Cricut fonts in your home!)
11. I made D.J.'s Valentine's gift - a countdown to V-Day. For details on making your own, surf over to Love, Actually. (This is one of my new favorite blogs! It's all about romance on a budget. Hold on tight Sweetums - I'm ready to use all of their tips!)

12. I created a coupon caddy to hold my coupons while on my massive grocery trips. To make your own, go here. Or, if you don't know how to sew - I'd be happy to make you one in your favorite colors. (For a small fee, of course!)

13. I also finished our Honeymoon scrapbook, but that's really hard to get a picture of!

Sorry it's not a funny post, Brandi, but at least you know why I've been MIA recently. Now I'm off to finish my breakfast smoothie, resist the urge to create all sorts of Valentine's decor, and get some cleaning and laundry done!


Brandi said...

While I love your funny stories, I really just like to hear how things are going in your world. You've been a busy little bee. :) I wish my lists of what I had done while out of blogland appeared as productive.

The Hardwick's said...

You have been so busy! I love your clipboard and coupon holder! I'm praying that you hear something soon!