Tuesday, February 23, 2010

As I see it...

Here's the world as I see it today:
--Carrots are nutrious and full of good for you vitamins, but they sure are an ugly vegetable! Granted, baby carrots are cute as could be - but a bag full of carrots? Not very pretty - just ugly and crooked and gross looking.
--It's snowing again. Do I still live in Texas?
--My husband is amazing! I've been sick with strep for the past few days and he's waited on me hand and foot. He even took off work on Monday so he could take me to the doctor because he knew I had no voice and felt too icky to figure out the directions to the new doctors office.
--Between the snow and the lack of excess funds, I didn't get any flowers on Valentine's Day. I wasn't upset with him - I understood why. But, this weekend we spotted some purple flowers at Target and he quickly put them in the cart. Purple hydrangea, purple daisies, and even purple roses! I happily arranged them in a clear vase full of water that immediately turned a beautiful, bright purple. Now they look like they're sitting in a perfectly matched purple vase! So fun...
--I love creating and modifying recipes. It fills my heart with a tiny bit of glee. I feel like I'm feeding my husband's heart - not just his tummy.
--This weekend (before the strep attacked in full force) we became super coupon savvy and snagged two boxes of Rolaids for free. We also got two boxes of cake mix for 28 cents - total! Auntie Anne's was giving away free pretzels so we snatched those up as well. We then enjoyed some treats from Sonic at a beautiful buy one, get one free price! Fantastic! It was a happy saving day!
--I won over $100 worth of scrapbooking stuff from Tatertots & Jello and Peachy Cheap. I haven't received my box of goodies yet (I just found out yesterday) but I'm thrilled to get it in the mail.
--I still get a thrill from signing my new last name. I got to sign it at the bank and at the doctor's office recently. It was so exciting to see it on the paper and know that it was me with the new last name!
--Marley had a birthday last week. He is no longer a puppy. I wish someone would tell him... He still has the energy of a puppy and still whines like a puppy. It's ridiculous! I love him though...
So that's the world as I see it today. If we get enough snow to be picture worthy, I'll let you know. Otherwise, I'm going to curl up with Pete the Penguin humidifier and a box of tissues.

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Anonymous said...

lol about the last name... i've been married going on 5 years and it still doesnt get old :) i still love to introduce myself as Erika Knox lol

and w2g on the savings

oh, and when we were in college, for v-day Chris bought me a single white rose that was fake and attached a letter to it (we were broke and he couldn't afford any real flowers, NOR a dozen fake ones, lol) and he said that a real flower's beauty will fade, but a my beauty was like a fake flower, which will never fade :) AAAWW, lol... 5 years later, that fake flower is sitting on our piano :)