Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Day 2010

When all was said and done on Thursday, the sky dumped over a foot of snow on our little town. I'm still trying to decide, but I'm pretty sure that's the most snow I've ever seen at one time. In my life. (There may have been more that one Christmas in Indiana, but I don't recall the exact number of inches. I know there was a crazy man grilling in a foot of snow though...) The snowfall sure was record breaking for DFW! It was the most snow to fall in 24 hours. Ever. And we are only two inches shy of having the snowiest winter on record. (We've already had the rainiest fall on record, why not break this record too?)
D.J. and I had so much fun! We have a ton of pictures and over an hour of video from the past few days. It was a wonderful way to spend our first Valentine's together! Here are some of the highlights I know you've been anxious to see!!!

Our first snowman of the day - on the back of DJ's car. We'll call him Ralph.
I've worn my gloves so much this winter my engagement ring has popped right through the glove! I love it!
After a long day of watching the snow fall all by myself, DJ finally came home and we went walking in the park!
The world looked like a winter wonderland! I've never seen anything like this in Texas!
Our second snowman of the day. We'll call him R.J. He fell over while D.J. was taking this picture. We decided we were cold and wet so we dug D.J.'s hat out of the snow and went home to dry off a bit. (Yea for a new dryer!)
Our third and fourth snowmen of the day. I'm on the left and D.J. is on the right. My snowman fell down a few minutes after we took this picture. D.J's snowman fell down sometime during the night. We were very sad. Turns out, we're not very good snowman makers!
One of the first things we did Thursday morning was put all three of our great big bowls out to catch some snow so I might have enough to make snow ice cream that night. We had no idea we'd get enough snow to completely cover the bowls themselves!
After a failed attempt at sledding on a boogie board and a very warm lunch, we worked for several hours on an igloo for our neighbor's little boy. Turns out, what we lack in snowman building abilities, we make up for in igloo building! The snow in our yard is pretty much melted, but that igloo stands strong!
We did it! The little boy standing inside is almost three. He loved the house we built for him and cried when his mom wouldn't let him spend the night in it!
Look closely folks, we easily fit three adults and a child inside our igloo. However, we didn't install wall-to-wall carpeting and my hiney was completely numb by the time we climbed back out!
This is the panoramic D.J. took of the meadow by the church. We walked a few more blocks to the small hill on the other side and attempted to go sledding. It didn't work. I don't know how this one got out of order but Blogger won't let me drag it back up where it belongs. Oh well! You can still enjoy the beauty of the untouched snow!

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Brandi said...

W-O-W!!!!! Amazing!!! Thanks for letting me live viacariously through you.