Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Discoveries!

Discovery #1: Last night D.J. and I were sitting at the kitchen table grading papers. We looked up and realized that our puppy, Marley, was staring at his reflection in the dishwasher. The way he cocked his head you could almost hear him thinking, "Oh my! I don't know who that dog is or where he's from but he sure is a ridiculously handsome fellow!" We had a good chuckle, until D.J. picked him up and said, "Aw, like father like son!" Then we had a good belly laugh!

Discovery #2: My heart was nearly obliterated last year as a result of the things that went on in my classroom. I've recently discovered that I put my pain aside in an effort to make it through the year. When the year was over, I cried a few tears as I moved out of my classroom. However, for the most part I packed the pain in a box and tucked it away in the closet of my heart. Yesterday, God flung open the closet door and began riffling through the box. I've spent lots of time thinking and remembering and re-living. God's doing some amazing things that'll be beautiful in the long run. I can't wait to see the end product!

Discovery #3: You cannot dump coffee grounds into a full trash can. They just fall on the floor and are then very difficult to clean up.

Discovery #4: If you walk to the end of my block, turn left, and start to walk down the next block (just one street over), it does not come out on the other end one block over. It comes out over a mile from home.

Discovery #5: Puppies that only way 6-10 pounds do not like walking over a mile because their mommy took a wrong turn.

Discovery #6: It takes three coats to cover a white cowboy with black paint. (I'm not sure how many coats of burnt orange it takes to cover the white bandana. I'm on the third coat and it still needs more. I'll let you know...)

Discovery #7: We've now rented two Redbox DVDs and have enjoyed them both. We've decided this is a great deal if you know you're going to watch a movie that night and you want to watch a recently released film.

Discovery #8: Lifetime changed their morning line up. I was sad to discover this fact this morning. Why did they change it on a Tuesday? What's up with that? Fraiser has come on at 9 since I graduated from college. Why put it on at 8 when I'm supposed to be watching "Less Than Perfect"?

Discovery #9: We made Monte Cristo sandwiches last night for dinner. They were wonderful! However, no matter how hungry you are two sandwiches is simply too much food!

Discovery #10: I can't type the word "discovery" without leaving out the "V" in the middle. I've had to go back every single time. That's enough discoveries for today!!

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