Monday, September 21, 2009

Making Progress

It's been almost a week and there have been big changes around the Hammond Household! We're both determined that this is the perfect opportunity to change our lives and are both determined to loose some serious pounds. So far, we've walked for at least a mile every day (some days almost 3 miles!) and I know that I've seen a huge difference! I feel better, I'm more confident, and I finally have the desire to get moving. I haven't made it to Curve's yet, but each day I get stronger and more determined that I need to give up my pride and go. Today I promised myself that I'd get there by October 1st, but I'm wondering if I'm being too easy on myself. After all, the only thing keeping me from going is my own pride and stubborn shame. That's really lame, isn't it?
In other news, we spent all day Saturday working on the house. We cleaned and got another room clear of all boxes. We FINALLY got picture frames hung on the wall and dug all of my cross collection out of the boxes and hung them up. The difference is phenomenal. It feels a million times more homey. My sweet husband knows how much I love decorating for fall and willingly climbed into the attic to hunt down the decorations. He then climbed back up to put the mis-labeled Christmas decorations away and to stash the Thanksgiving stuff until November. What a wonderful guy! Every time I look around the living room, my heart soars knowing that this is OUR home and this is OUR new life together. We still love every second of married life and I am daily amazed at how my love for him grows. (I just typed "how my love for him growls" and had a good laugh! Oops!)
I still wrestle with missing people - especially my mom and sister! We're getting to know a few people at church but it's not the same as those friends you've walked with for several years. At least, not yet! I love my husband and I wouldn't trade him (or living in the same city as him) for the world, but I miss my family and friends...
The puppies are doing well - they love that we're walking more. Marley loves to chew on anything he can get his mouth around - the drawstring on your shorts, the chew toys, the toilet paper roll, your ears, etc. Sometimes he drives us crazy, but usually we just laugh and love him all the more. (He does better when we walk him regularly. He has way too much energy for his own good!)
67 days until Thanksgiving! Woo hoo!

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