Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I have never been a fan of vegetables - except for broccoli. I have learned to like a select few, but not nearly enough. (And those that I do like I usually eat drowned in butter, dressing, or cheese.) My husband shares my opinion, but is a little better about eating veggies than I am. However, because of my aversion to anything veggie related, I rarely put them on the table at dinner.
I've had the cookbook "Deceptively Delicious" (by Jerry Seinfeld's wife) for a while now but have never really looked at it. I've occassionally snuck a can of baby food into a maccaroni casserole, but I've never been serious about it. The other day, I opened the cookbook for some reason and began reading. I got very excited about the possibility of getting the healthy foods God designed for me to eat without gagging down the leafy boogers.
So last week I bought cauliflower and carrots with the determination to make healthier meals. Yesterday, I busted out the new pressure cooker and got to work. It was by far one of the messier things I've done in a while! After a lot of work (read - mess), I managed to get everything measured and bagged and into the freezer.
So for dinner last night we had spaghetti with 1/2 cup of carrots and a small container of baby food squash in the sauce. It was delicious!! We both loved it!! I was so excited to know that I'd made one of my favorite dishes just a bit healthier. I was also excited to know that I'd eaten the dreaded veggies without having to force myself to put them on my plate.
Today, I'm going to try mixing some of the cauliflower puree into the bottle of ketchup. It sounds horrible, I know. But I've been told that you can't taste it at all!! I'm a bit concerned about spoilage so I'll have to do some research. I'm also going to look into the other cookbook that was published around the same time as the one I already own. I've heard it has more recipes and more ways to get veggies into food. We'll see...

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Charree said...

The recipe for couscous in that cookbook is really good too. I make it often. I hope your new undertaking goes well.

Have a blessed day!