Monday, January 11, 2010

My heart is full...

I've started this blog seven times. I think what it finally boils down to is that my heart is full. Full of thankfulness. And gratitude. And praise. And rejoicing.
It all started several months ago when Fred, our loving dryer, decided that I added too much of a work load as a new wife. (I think he liked the life of a bachelor!) DJ took it apart, we cleaned it thoroughly, gave it lots of oil, and spoke loving words of encouragement. We put Fred back together and he worked for 15 minutes at a time. We re-named him Fred the ghetto-tastic dryer and went about our day. I learned to be thankful for a dryer that allowed us to have clean, dry laundry even if it took me longer than "normal". Not everyone in the world has a dryer. I'm truly blessed! Last week, Fred gave us his last hurrah. DJ went to war. And lost. We were very sad.
My parents volunteered to bring us my old dryer that was sitting in a storage shed waiting for my sister to need it. We were so thankful for the willingness to help. We are so blessed! Then on Friday, DJ's parents called to say that they were close by and would love to come take a look at the dryer to see if they could help at all. DJ's dad had the old, dead motor taken apart in thirty seconds flat. He gave DJ instructions from the internet on how to fix the washer and the dryer. We were so thankful that they came over and helped us out. We are blessed by two sets of parents who love and support us without question!
Friday night was one for the books! After DJ's parents left with the dryer motor successfully removed, we got to work on the smallest room in the house. In no time flat, DJ fixed the washer (it had been filling ridiculously slow) and put the new motor in the dryer. When we pulled both appliances out we discovered the most disgusting floor you can imagine - I'll spare you the details. So I got to work scrubbing and bleaching like you wouldn't believe. (That room sparkles!) DJ got the wires connected and re-assembled the dryer and we pushed it back into the laundry room. (We moved it into the living room while I bleached.) With a special touch of flair, DJ plugged in the dryer and pushed the start button. Nothing. Not even a groan. DJ did a little more work, and got the motor to run. We then attempted to put the drum back in. We ran into one problem after another. After another. After another. There was more blood, but you don't need the details on that! Eventually, DJ won the war. The dryer is now working better than it ever has. I don't think I can call him Fred the ghetto-tastic anymore. (Well, maybe. There is a rattle from a screw that's loose.) But the dryer is fixed. The washer fills faster than I ever could have imagined. The mildew is gone from under the washer and the laundry room is clean. I'm thankful and blessed!
My parents were sad that we no longer needed them to bring the dryer so they decided to come anyway. They came Sunday afternoon and we hung out and played games and then went out to dinner. It was wonderful to see them and to have a very yummy, filling meal. I am so grateful and blessed!
In the past week, we also officially joined our church, became leaders of our small group, and sold two items on Craigslist - thus providing a little extra income to help us make it through the month! There are also three positions posted on-line that I am highly qualified for. I'd love to teach any of those classes and am thrilled about the possibilities.
My heart is full. I'm thankful for all that's going on in our life right now. I'm grateful for two families that love and support us. I'm blessed by all that the Lord is doing. My heart is so very full...

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