Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lessons from a year gone by...

I heard a talk show host talking about a month ago about something she had promised to do in 2010. She joked that it sounded so futuristic and way far off. "Sure I'll do that in 2010! I'll just zip over in my flying car and have my 3-D hologram robot take care of it for me!" 2010 seems very space-agey. Very distant future. When the world will have been obliterated by garbage and pollution and we will all live (and easily travel) in space. In fact, I think I recall a 6th grade school assignment to draw what the classroom would look like in 2010. I drew a room where I was the only student and a computer was my teacher. I got my lunch from a vending machine and a robot made my bed. I was sure we'd all be living solitary lives governed by technology. Good thing my prediction wasn't totally right! (I'm still waiting on the robot to make my bed...)
As 2009 came to a close and 2010 began, I started thinking. (Just like every good American should at this time of year!) So here is the grand result of my weeks of contemplation. OK - not weeks. Maybe several days. And by days I mean hours. And by hours I mean just a few minutes as I was doing the dishes. Regardless, here are the lessons I've learned from a year gone by:

1. I loved being engaged. It was tons of fun! The long distance relationship, mono, funeral, and back injury were not.
2. I love to plan.
3. Planning a wedding was fun. Being engaged was fun. Being married is better. Much better!
4. I like living in the same city with D.J.
5. Given enough time, a dog will find the hole you hope is invisible to them. Holes in the ground, holes in the fence - makes no difference. Find it they will!
6. Star Wars wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.
7. I can cook!
8. I love to cook!
9. Reading cookbooks is actually fun - despite the hours of teasing I've dished out for others who had this love before me.
10. Feeling 16 kinds of crafty does NOT mean you can ignore your chores and paint.
11. Feeling crafty doesn't mean you have the money to do said crafts.
12. Moving is no fun. Decorating a house is.
13. New England is beautiful.
14. New England is cold.
15. New England is very different from Texas.
16. DJ turned out to be an amazing fiance'. He's an even more amazing husband!
17. Hormones do wonky things to you. You feel powerless to overcome said wonkiness. (Random side note: The spell checker recognizes "wonky" but not "wonkiness". Why?)
18. Changing the hormones changes the outlook you have on life. (One year, three different birth control pills, three very different reactions to pills.)
19. The Lord doesn't work on our time table.
20. The Lord is more amazing than I ever imagined. He continues to reveal Himself in more and more awesomeness.
21. If you hang a picture frame too high on the wall it looks funny.
22. Having a puppy is like what I imagine having a baby will be like.
23. Wanting a child and being prepared to raise a child for the rest of forever are two very different things.
24. Staying home is a lot tougher than I thought it would be.
25. Navy blue carpet shows grass more than tan carpet.
26. Painting the walls to match the curtains isn't always necessary. You can live with the non-matching if needed.
27. New Years Resolutions are pointless unless they're driven by a passion and a plan to change.

There you go - one lesson for every year of my life. (I'll be 27 in March, so I included it too!) I was going to do 2009 lessons, but that seemed a little extreme. I'll post about Christmas soon - I need time to upload pictures! Enjoy the harsh jolt back into normal life... :)

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