Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas - a synopsis

Our first Christmas together is best told through pictures. So take a walk with me...

First, DJ and his dad built a bonfire. It was big.
See? Big! While it was burning down to an appropriate cooking fire, we chopped some firewood for our house.

DJ was fantastic. I was not. His niece, Allison, couldn't stop laughing long enough to do any good!
I eventually got bored with the wood chopping and decided to ride a horse. I almost fell off several times and got pretty bruises to prove it. DJ rode Aggie too, but I can't find the pictures.
We started a new tradition! Snowman pancakes! They were so much fun and so very yummy!

Then came Christmas Eve. First we saw this.
Then there was this. (See the snow on Cua?)
Then we saw this.
After a snowy Christmas Eve service, we came home to discover this beautiful scene...

We were shocked! And thrilled! And all together very excited! Then DJ and I did Christmas for our small family of four. First, the puppies got snowmen raw hides.
Then I found a large present under the tree. With my name on it. It was too heavy to lift so I pushed.
Inside? A brand new, virus free, fresh out of the box lap top just for me!
I was so super surprised! And happy! I gave DJ a large canvas full of wedding pictures. And quotes. And stickers. I tried taking pictures but I just doesn't do it justice. He cried. His mom cried when we showed her. My mom cried too. It was beautiful!
Christmas morning we were thrilled to find the snow hadn't melted! Our first Christmas together and our first white Christmas ever! On our way to DJ's sister's house to open presents we couldn't resist the urge to pull over and play for a few minutes.
We enjoyed Christmas Day with DJ's family. This is DJ's nephew, Alex, opening his iTunes gift card. We had a little fun with him!
The day after Christmas, we drove to Waco and spent several days with my family. Megan paper mache'd DJ's Christmas present. I took him almost an hour to get into it! Once he finally opened it it was a Rubix 360. Basically, it's a Rubix cube in a ball inside of a ball inside of a ball. It rotates and spins and makes me get very frustrated. DJ loved it!
It was a wonderful break! We loved every second of it! And, we had snow and my family in Indiana didn't.

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