Thursday, June 28, 2012

Spoke too soon

Looks like we jumped the gun on lifting those bed rest restrictions. After light activity on Tuesday and one trip to Hobby Lobby, I started feeling bad fast. I woke up in the middle of the night so dizzy I couldn't walk a straight line. When it didn't go away the next morning after breakfast and some water I put in a call to the doctor. She had me come in to check my blood pressure - just in case. Luckily, my mother-in-law was at my house for a movie marathon and drove me to the dr. We got there and were shocked to discover my blood pressure had shot up to 172/110! In a matter of seconds I was sent to the hospital where they were confident I would be prepped for an emergency c-section. My mom was in Waco, my husband was at a conference in Plano, and I didn't have a hospital bag packed. It was all I could do not to panic!

When we got to the hospital they took my blood pressure and were pleased to see it was already coming down. After several hours of monitoring and resting everything returned to within normal range. Much to our surprise, they released me to go home. (We were all sure I was in the hospital to stay until Caleb made his arrival!) I am on extremely strict bed rest at home. I can get up to potty and shower, but must be laying on my side otherwise. My mother-in-law is helping out while DJ finishes his conference in Plano and my mom is packing her bags to come up next week.

We go back to the dr on Monday for our next check up. I have no hopes of her taking me off of bed rest before this baby comes - whether he shows up early or late. Looks like my Kindle and I are about to become best friends! :)

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