Friday, June 22, 2012

Bed Rest, Day 5

I'm on day 5 of bed rest and things are going well. Yesterday (Thursday) we went to the dr for a sonogram and a quick blood pressure check. Caleb is growing strong, had a beautiful heartbeat, and loves to hold his hand up by his face. He is still growing ahead of schedule and they're guessing he's already 6 pounds. When nosy old ladies at the store tell me I'm carrying twins or I'm way to large for how far along I am, I just tell them I'm carrying a line backer. They usually smile and walk away. I can't wait to see how big he actually is when he's born. We're also guessing that he will sleep with his hand by his face since he has had that hand up there every time we've taken a peek on the sonogram.

However, the best news from the doctor yesterday was that my blood pressure is down to 118/70! That's the lowest it's been all pregnancy! PRAISE THE LORD! The doctor told us to keep doing what we've been doing because the bed rest was working.

So here I am - resting with my feet up. Mom is on her way right now (yay!) and Hubsters is working with his dad to build a cradle for our little bundle of joy (double yay!). I go back to the dr on Monday for another check up. I have a long list of questions to ask about bed rest and how long we'll wait before we get to meet this sweet little guy.

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