Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Reasons Caleb is crying

Have you seen that website of a guy who takes pictures of his kid crying? Cracks me up every time! So here's a list of why Caleb is crying, sans the funny pictures.

He wanted a nap.
I put him down for a nap.
I told him to stop chewing on the recliner.
He wanted to walk.
I held his hands to walk.
I let go of his hands so he could walk.
He wanted to eat lunch.
I put him in his high chair to eat lunch.
I moved a basket so he couldn't climb onto the fireplace.
He climbed onto the fireplace.
I took the lamp away.
He wanted the remote 2 inches away from him.
His walking toy was in a corner.
His walking toy was in the middle of the room.
His walking toy was in the doorway.
The bird outside chirped.
Mommy had to go potty.
Mommy left the bathroom.
Mommy didn't play chase.
Mommy played chase.
He wanted the toy in my lap.
He wanted the toy in his lap.
The ball rolled away.
He wanted to nurse.
I put him in my lap to nurse.
I wouldn't let him crawl off the edge of the bed.
I wouldn't let him roll off the changing table.
He needed a diaper change.
I changed his diaper.

It's been a day in our house.  I blame it on the weather. How's life where you are? Why does your child cry?


Christi Ellis said...

Lol!! I can just picture all this!! I guess I saw a pin about that guy a few days ago, too funny. Made me start to think of the things my kids cry at. Buy I'm too exhausted tonight to remember today's craziness, ha!

Christopher, MaryAnn, CaroPop, and Pork Chop said...

Hahaha - this made my day! =)

Pork Chop doesn't cry....

He just sits.
And thinks.
And sits.
And thinks.

He is one Zen dude, and I have no idea how to parent that way after parenting an active, vocal, insatiable Caroline.