Friday, May 24, 2013

10 months

Dear Caleb,

I have struggled accepting the fact that you're 10 months old! I refused to tell people that you were 9 and a half months old and told your daddy that if he ever said you were almost 10 months old I'd hit him. I'm not sure why this month's "birthday" has been so difficult. Maybe it's that you're losing so much of your baby face. Maybe it's that you're much closer to your first birthday than you are to your birth day. I just could not wrap my brain around the fact that you're growing up so fast! I think you knew that this month you were supposed to grow up and be more "little boy" than "baby" because the day before you turned 10 months old you took your first steps right into your daddy's arms. I'm so glad you waited for your daddy to be home. He wanted to be there so bad!

This month you finally decided crawling on all 4s was better than crawling on your belly. You are doing your new, traditional, crawl more and more but most of the time you want to walk. Or run. Or fly. :- ) You love cruising around the furniture and, most recently, love walking with your push toys. You also love to walk when we're holding onto your hands. I was quite exctied the day you grabbed my fingers and led me outside to the back yard. You walked over to the blueberry bush I'd showed you just the day before and plopped yourself down. We sat outside enjoying the sunshine for over 30 minutes. Now we go for a walk down the sidewalk every morning and go sit in the grass in the backyard every afternoon.

Just after you turned 9 months old someone gave us a very nice camera. I've taken a few hundred pictures of you this month as I've tried to figure out all of the settings. That's a good thing - because my old iPhone was starting to fill up and I'm having trouble deleting pictures of your extreme cuteness. As soon as the camera came in the mail we rushed to the largest blueberry field around and took some good old fashioned Texas pictures. Your blue eyes in the field of bluebonnets were just stunning!

You are still sleeping 12-13 hours at night. Most of the time you only need 2 naps but every now and then we have to squeeze in a third nap. The end of the month saw fewer and fewer of those 3rd naps... You are still rocking your 8 teeth and I'm not too anxious to add any more to the mix. You're way ahead of schedule as is! You're wearing 9-12 month clothes which makes me happy. It's one of the first times in your life you've fit in the clothes that match your age. You have decided that you don't like to be spoon fed and would much rather eat finger food. So this month I tried every finger food I could think of! You are in love with feeding yourself - and rubbing it all in your hair. You're working to master the use of avocado as hair gel. This month we added veggie pasta, black beans, pickles, chicken, and homemade teething biscuits. I've also started giving you whole fruits and veggies instead pureeing them first. You're thrilled! Your favorite is still avocado, but black beans and Cheerios run a very close second.

I've decided that I love taking pictures of you when you're in your high chair. The lighting in the kitchen at lunch time is perfect and you are actually still enough to get a great picture. Plus it's quite cute to see the mess you make as you learn to feed yourself.

Your hair gets longer each day and I know we're dangerously close to your first hair cut. However, I'm quite in love with your "sweet baby curls" popping up on the back of your head. I know I'll miss them when they're gone so for now, I take a lot of pictures and admire the extreme cuteness!

You are, hands down, the happiest baby I know. You laugh easily and still love to flirt with the people you love. Your daddy and I make the funniest faces just to hear that precious giggle! (It's still one of my favorite sounds in the world!) I feel like the luckiest person in the world to get to stay home with you each day. You are such a sweet little man and I try hard to cherish every moment we have together - even when you're into everything and making a huge mess. I love you pumpkin! I can't wait to see what God has in store for you as you grow up.


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