Saturday, May 4, 2013

9 months

Dear Caleb,

You're 9 months old! That means you've been outside my belly as long as you were in it! Wow. Just wow. Your personality grows a little bigger each day - just like you do. You love to flirt and bat your eyes at anyone who will pay attention. There are so many days that I feel like you're just too precious for words.

You sleep a solid 12-13 hours a night and nap 2-3 times a day. (WOW!) That third nap is still quite tricky. Some days we can't live without it, some days you really could care less. This month you got your first fever. It quickly turned into a heck of a journey! After 2 days of diarrhea and a fever a little over 101, I took you to the doctor. You had your first tummy bug AND your first ear infection at the same time! We went home, prescription in hand, and put you in your pajamas. When I gave you the antibiotic, you immediately threw up. I decided it was because of the tummy bug and just gave you another dose the next day. A few days later I was changing you and noticed large splotches all over your arms and legs. I called the doctor just to be sure everything was ok. They told me to bring you in immediately and to call 911 if you stopped breathing before we got there. My heart stopped and we got to the doctor in record time. You never stopped breathing, but the hives got worse quickly. The doctor gave you Benadryl and told us you were never allowed to Azithromycin again! Luckily your ear was clear and we didn't have to go back on an antibiotic. However, after the weekend your fever went back up and you were up at 2am Monday morning. So we trekked back to the doctor. This time, you had a respiratory virus. That night you screamed for over 5 hours. I've never seen you so sick and miserable! Of course, your daddy was out of town at a tennis tournament. I am so thankful that Granny was able to come stay with us! You were awake for 22 hours straight! I was one exhausted mommy! By Thursday your fever was still elevated and Daddy was home sick with strep throat. When we went back to the doctor (4th time in a week and a half!) she said you probably had strep and put you on a new antibiotic. Luckily you didn't have an allergic reaction to the new drug and you were better in a miraculous 24 hours. It was a rough two weeks in the Hammond House and I'm thrilled that we're done with it! :- )

You were a snuggle bug during those two weeks of sickness. However, as soon as you felt better you learned to pull up on anything and everything that will support you. (And a few things that won't.) You're already quickly cruising around the furniture. You love to go all the way around the living room. You're quite proud of this new mode of transportation. You still army crawl when there's no furniture around but you're already starting to discover that walking is much more efficient! You love to hold onto our fingers and walk around.

As you started pulling up I suddenly discovered that you know how to dance! You shake that little hiney while you smile and laugh. Your favorite song, by far, is "Good Morning" by Mandisa. I can turn around a fussy day with the first few notes of that song. It is officially a part of the soundtrack of our lives.

Last month I thought you were into everything. I had no idea just how inquisitive you would become! The bathroom door now stays closed. Our coffee table and end tables are now completely clear. The fireplace has toys strategically blocking it off. (You like to chew on the brick. Yikes!) I can no longer leave you in a room alone. As busy as you are, I love every single second of it!

Because of your run in with tummy issues we held off on introducing a lot of new foods. So this month we only added broccoli, cereal puffs, and Cheerios. It took you a little while to figure it out but now you love eating finger food! I'm busy doing lots of research on finger foods you can handle and that won't flare up your allergies. We tried some scrambled eggs while we were visiting Gaga but you were not a fan. The next day you woke up covered in big red blotches. However, there was a fertilizer plant that exploded 20 miles away the night before, I had a horrible cold I may have given you, a cold front blew in overnight and brought a ton of rain with it. So are you allergic to eggs or did you have a reaction to one of the other factors around you? Just to be safe - we'll avoid scrambled eggs for a little while!

This month we were so deeply blessed to celebrate your first Easter together. On Saturday we went to the Easter service at our church, then had a fun Easter dinner with the Williams'. (I cooked my very first ham!) We had a fun mini-Easter egg hunt in their living room with Ethan and Jack. It was fun to watch all 3 of you boys try to figure out what you were supposed to do with the eggs and the baskets we kept putting in your hands. You weren't too sure about the whole thing, but you loved the Cheerios inside! On Sunday we went to church with Granny and Grandaddy, had lunch at Aunt Nerfer's house, then spent the rest of the day with Granny and Grandaddy at their house. It was a wonderful time to celebrate the reason we have hope in this world.

This month our world also saw some heart break I can't begin to comprehend. Some people who don't love Jesus hurt people in Boston. Then, just 2 days later, a fertilizer plant exploded and lots of homes were destroyed. A few people were hurt. There was so much heart ache I wanted to just hold you close and never let you go. But in it all, there were so many helpers! So many people stepped in to help those that were injured or had lost everything. Everyone donated food and clothes and household items. Doctors, policemen, and firefighters worked around the clock to help. As I watched those who were hurt I felt an intense need to protect you. I wanted to keep you safe from the world that is so full of pain. One day while I was praying for the people effected by these tragedies I realized something. I can't protect you. I can't keep you safe forever. But I trust in a God who loves you more than I ever could imagine! He holds you in the palm of His hand. All of your days were planned before one of them came to pass. God is so much bigger than a bomb in Boston or an explosion in West. He is bigger than my longing to protect you, and greater than my ability to keep you safe. When you see hurt around you sweet little one, look for the helpers. Be a helper! And trust the God who made you.

You are still the happiest baby on the planet (even when you're sick) and are so easy going. I'll never forget how excited you get when I open the garage door. You love people and love going to see others. You still have the most beautiful relationship with your daddy. The two of you are going to be quite the dynamic duo one day! I love you sweet boy! You are such a blessing and such a wonderful baby. I'm so glad you're mine! Please don't grow up too fast. I want to enjoy this time with you and it's all flying by! I am so glad God chose me to be your Mommy! I wouldn't trade this life for anything in the world.

I love you sweet boy!


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