Thursday, October 4, 2012

2 Months

Dear Caleb,

You are 2 months old! Wow! I'm amazed at how much you've grown this month. You are still a very easy going baby and seem to grow happier with each passing day. I love seeing your sweet smile several times a day now. You even rewarded us on your 2 month birthday with the most precious little giggle! Thank you for waiting until we were both with you to laugh for the first time. :- )

Your outfit here says "So Big!"

Note to Mommy: Don't wait until AFTER you get shots to take the monthly pictures!

At the beginning of the month you were still struggling with some awful gassiness and cried like you were in horrible pain. I hated every moment of it! Not long after your 1 month birthday I realized that you were fussiest after I had a glass of milk. (My absolute favorite drink!) As soon as I stopped drinking milk, you stopped crying. Over the course of the month I've cut back on more and more dairy and you've nursed better and better. We hardly ever have any problems with painful gas now! Even though I've had to give up some of my very favorite foods, it's all worth it just so we can continue breastfeeding. You are a champion nurser and are growing like a weed! At your 2 month check up you weight 15.5 pounds - that's the 98th percentile! However, you were only in the 9th percentile for height at a tiny 22". (That's less than an inch of growth since birth.) Your daddy and I are pretty convinced they measured you wrong because we can see your growth in your car seat, bouncer, and swing. You're also quickly growing out of 0-3 month clothing. Mommy is shocked to see you fitting comfortably in 3-6 month outfits!

Where is Caleb?

I still love staying home with you. We make a pretty good team throughout the day. Some days we have a fantastic routine, other days that routine is right out the window from the first moment of the day. We go to ladies Bible study on Tuesday mornings and you are a HIT! The ladies love passing you around. You usually nap through the teaching time which is perfect. Every other Friday we go to MOPS and you get to be a Moppet. Right now you're staying with me, but you'll eventually go to the nursery with the other Moppets.

What a cute little boy you are!
You like tummy time a lot more than you did last month - especially now that you have a lot more neck strength! We've tried playing with toys but you're not quite ready. I don't mind. Just seeing you smile when you see my face (or the ceiling fan or window) is more than enough for me! This month has been full of smiles and it's wonderful. You have lots of coos and talk more each day. I feel you're destined to be a talker with the mom and dad you've been given.

Enjoying some tummy time with Daddy! Look at the strong neck!

What a sweet face!

When I was pregnant with you we prayed and prayed that you'd be a good sleeper. (Mommy doesn't do too well with a lack of sleep!) The Lord answered our prayers with a clear, resounding, "YES!" You slept 8 hours through the night at 5 and a half weeks. Now you're consistently doing 8 hours each night with a few 10 hour nights thrown in the mix. I must admit, I love it! After a quick feeding you're usually back to sleep in a few minutes and sleep for several more hours. You generally get a total of 12 hours of sleep each night. I'm so glad you're a good sleeper! Just like your momma, you love to have a handful of blanket when you fall asleep. You still enjoy being swaddled, but you seem to get your hands out of every swaddle we put you in! So you've taken a few naps on your tummy and napped really well. Our biggest struggle right now is keeping that silly pacifier in your mouth! With your arms tightly swaddled you can't do much to help so we've spent lots of late nights holding that paci in your mouth until you finally fall sound asleep. We are ready for you to learn to suck your thumb or stick the paci back in your mouth all by yourself!

Finally passed out!
All swaddled up! You look so snuggly!
That didn't last long! (Don't worry I moved the blanket away from your face shortly after you put it there!)

iPaci - Daddy's solution to the pacifier falling out!

Both hands wiggled free of the swaddle! You're like Houdini!
This month Gaga pulled out my baby photos and we discovered something shocking! You look just like me at your age! We found several pictures where we have the exact same expression on our faces. It's crazy! Until that point we had really thought you favored your daddy. Now when I look at your face I see a little mini-me. Your face is a little longer, your nose a little wider - but there's no doubt that you're mine! When I was little I always felt like no one in the family looked like me. I dreamed of having a baby that looked like me, even when no one in my family did. I'm so excited to see your blonde hair and big blue eyes. (I also love, love, LOVE those fat rolls on your arms and legs. You're just so precious!)

Mommy at 6 weeks

Caleb at 6 weeks

We are falling more in love with you each day. It is so fun being your Mom! I love watching your little personality develop. You are such a happy, easy going baby. There are days that I'm absolutely shocked that the Lord has blessed me with you. The Lord is so good to us and I can't wait to teach you all about Him! I love you sweet pumpkin doodle!

Your shirt says "Daddy's Best Friend"

Sweet, sleepy cuddles


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