Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Dream Come True

When I was pregnant we had lots of conversations about whether baby Hammond would be a boy or a girl. We were both very torn about what we were having, however, I couldn't fathom the idea of a little boy. I wanted a girl so bad I could cry. I was terrified at the thought of having a boy! I knew nothing about having boys! Then one night, I had a dream. Even now, months later, I can still remember vivid details about that dream and it warms my heart. In my dream I was in the delivery room and my doctor handed me a beautiful baby boy with a head full of dark hair. He was a big baby but he was beautiful and he was mine. I snuggled him for a long time and even got to breastfeed in my dream. When I woke up, I cried. The dream was so real I felt like someone had taken my baby boy from me. I had an ache in my heart the rest of the day. Suddenly, in my heart, I knew this baby was a boy and I was thrilled to pieces. I couldn't imagine life any other way. Of course my first born was a boy! So that afternoon I went to Target and bought an outfit. I left the tags on and taped the receipt on the hanger - just in case. In the weeks that followed I had several more dreams and in every single one of them, the baby was a boy. Therefore, I wasn't very surprised when our sweet ultra sound tech told us the baby in my womb was, in fact, a boy. I cried tears of joy and my hands shook from excitement.

Today, I got out that little outfit I bought months ago. I was so excited to put it on my little boy. As I told him the story behind the clothes he was about to wear he looked at me and smiled. My heart soared as I dressed my dream come true. God has been so wonderful as He poured out blessings on our little family!


Alisa Marie said...

what a beautiful story! Caleb is so handsome in his little outfit!

the mother ship said...

Love it! God is so good.

Christi Ellis said...

Awww, what a sweet story! My he is getting big!! I'm so happy for you and I love seeing your JOY shine through during motherhood!