Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Adventures in Diapering

So there we were... Watching the recording of the Olympics, enjoying some special time with Caleb, and loving being a family. Caleb was freshly bathed (and smelled fantastic!) and we were winding down for the night. D.J. took Caleb to change his diaper and I got ready to feed him. I always love listening to D.J. talking to Caleb while he changes him. It's so sweet to hear the one-sided conversation. Although last night, the conversation was a little different...

"Oh goodness Caleb! You sure filled that diaper! Let's get you all cleaned up. Here we go... Oh! My! Aaaah!" I yelled to the back of the house to check on my boys and he assured me that all was well, but that Caleb had "christened" his t-shirt and the carpet and several things near by. But he'd gotten him covered with a diaper and all was well. So the conversation went on... "That was funny Caleb! You got Daddy all wet! Let's not do that again... Let me grab a fresh diaper, ok? Oh my gosh! Alli! Help! Come quick! This is...Well it's... Hurry!" I put myself back together again and rushed into the nursery. There I discover a soaking wet husband with Caleb's ankles in one hand, a wipe in the other, and poo shooting out of our son at an alarming rate. All I could do was laugh. I quickly grab some wipes and another diaper and attempt to clean up. In the process, Caleb begins to christen us all again. Out of options and panicked by the fountain that had sprung up, D.J. covered the flow with his hand and laughed hysterically. I just stood and looked at him. "What are you doing?!?! That's not going to absorb anything!" "What are my options?" "A diaper! Get a diaper!" With quite a bit of scrambling and more than a few laughing fits, we finally get a diaper successfully covering all of the messy bits! When all was said and done, Caleb had soaked his pajamas, used 5 diapers, half a box of wipes, and sprinkled everything in sight. I know it won't be our last diapering mishap - I'm sure we'll have many more. And for now we're so thankful that for some un-known reason D.J. set Caleb down so that his bottom faced the tower part of our changing table and not the glider only a foot away. But for our first diaper changing explosion, it sure was fun to experience it together and laugh through it all!

And that's how we narrowly escaped death... Well, Caleb did anyway!

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Leslie said...

Oh man...I think we've got at least a couple of these kinds of stories for each of our boys! These are the moments that memories are made of! :)