Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1 Month

Dear Caleb,

You are a month old today. It doesn't seem possible! Has it only been a month since we met you? Has it already been a month since we met you? You're 31 days old but I feel as if I've loved you forever. I can't remember what life was like before you came along.

4 days old

1 month old

You are a very chill, relaxed, easy going baby. I think you have your daddy's temprament. As long as your belly is full and your diaper is clean and dry you're happy doing just about whatever! You've had some issues with gas this month and it breaks my heart to see your knees pull up and face grimace in pain. Despite that you are nursing like a champ! I'm amazed at how quickly you learned how to latch. You're gaining weight faster than I ever dreamed. I keep finding clothes you can no longer wear. There were a lot of newborn size clothes that you never got a chance to wear. You now fit comfortably in 3 month clothing. We don't go to the doctor this month so I weighed you on the Wii Fit. You weigh in at an amazing 12 pounds! Wow!

Someone put your head on sideways!

This week is the first week I've officially stayed home with you. We're trying to establish a routine and get used to life together. Through it all you remain happy and easy going. I love spending my days with you! You love holding your head up when we're holding you up in our lap, but you're not a fan of holding that head up during tummy time. In fact, most of the time I put you on your tummy you just fall asleep. You love laying on your back, however. You kick your legs and wiggle your arms and talk and coo away. I love just watching you! You've just started looking at your daddy and me when we talk or sing to you, but you'd much rather look at lights. I think your favorite is the curtains in the living room. Between the stripes on the curtains and the stripes in the blinds there's lots of patterns for you to stare at.

Sweet baby feet! These are his keepsake baby shoes...

You are a great sleeper! We've already seen you sleep 5 hours at night. Most nights you wake up, get a diaper change, eat, and immediately go to bed. Some nights you really enjoy spending time awake. You seem to want extra snuggles and refuse to go to sleep. As tired as I am the next day, I love spending the nights snuggling with you. No one else is around, your daddy is snoring, and it's just you and me. We've watched lots of movies together in the late hours of the night! I wouldn't trade it for the world!  
Those silly arms refuse to stay swaddled!
Your daddy and I love you so much! We can't believe our amazing luck that you're our son! I can't wait to watch you grow! I love you Sugar Bear!



Christi Ellis said...

Yay, sweetness. Glad all is going well. That last picture is great!

Christi Ellis said...

Yay, sweetness. Glad all is going well. That last picture is great!