Monday, July 9, 2012

Full Term!

Today we have officially reached "full term"! 37 weeks! I have to say, there were many days when I didn't think we'd get here. Even my doctor did a little cheer for us today at our appointment! Here's the general run down of where life stands right now:

--The To Do list is almost completed! My family came in on Sunday for a few hours to put the finishing touches on the nursery. My sister is quite the artist and took our walls from boring to outstanding! Here's a little peek at the nursery.

Shelf over the crib - complete with a complete Winnie the Pooh collection! :) I'm working on the finishing details of letters spelling out "Caleb" that'll hang under this shelf.

My sister's fantastic handwork! This bee is flying over the closet door.

Shelves over the changing table. I seem to be lacking pictures of the furniture itself, huh?

Another bee flying over the shelves. Isn't he cute?!?!

These pictures hang over the glider in the corner. Above that, the third bee makes his appearance.

This is the corner next to the crib. You can get a little glimpse of the valance and the shelf over the crib.

This is the amazing mobile my best friend Natalie found on eBay years and years ago. Best we can tell it was from the 50s or 60s. She gave it to me for Christmas back before many people knew we were pregnant. It was such a fun little surprise!

--Today at my doctor's appointment I felt like we had a lot of good news/bad news going on.
Good news: We're full term.
Bad news: My blood pressure is slightly elevated again.
Good news: My doctor is still very proactive and is running a full panel of blood work to make sure it's just high blood pressure and not pre-eclampsia.
Bad news: My doctor goes on vacation next week.
Good news: My cervix is dialated 1cm and very thinned out.
Bad news: Caleb is still very high.
Good news: We are getting good at managing our days while on bed rest. (Even if we stay up way too late!)
Bad news: I'm still on bed rest and I'm starting to get a little restless.

--We tried to get the doctor to pin down an exact date for induction and she wasn't willing to do so. Her goal is that we make it to 39 weeks (and not much longer) but her fear is that we won't. We'll see another doctor next week while she's on vacation and pray that we don't need to be induced in that time. She's putting a rush on all my lab work so that she can get the results back in time to make a decision before she leaves if a problem should arise.

--Our puppies have LOVED the fact that I spend days on end laying on the couch. Cua, in particular enjoys my expanding belly and feels like she's been blessed with an every growing bed. She'll be shocked when it suddenly disappears!

--One of the wonderful things that has recently been checked off the to do list is the completion of a home made cradle. DJ and his dad worked very hard to make a gorgeous cradle for our bedroom. It turned out better than I could have dreamed! The pictures are a little dark, but I promise you it's amazing!

The cradle in our room!
The details on the end. Hard to see, but absolutely amazing!

That's the update from our neck of the woods! Our plan for the week is to keep resting and get this little guy to cook until he's "well done". Please pray with us that my blood pressure will go down, that our doctor will be able to deliver, and that we'll have a successful natural delivery like we've planned all along.

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