Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm loving it!

I have recently fallen in love with sewing. I'm seriously addicted. Now I know why my mom wanted me to learn so badly. It's wonderful! I keep showing the hubs all these projects I want to make and his response usually involves something like the following: "That's cute! I know you can do it! Can you find a coupon?" He's really very supportive of my new-found addiction! :)

A favorite blog of mine is hosting a giveaway for a hand-sewn table runner. I get an extra entry if I blog about the giveaway. I'm going to leave you the link but I'll beg you not to follow it simply because I want to win! :) HA! If you do follow the link, tell Melanie that if you win, you'd like to send the prize to me! Is that allowed? Go here for the seriously cute table runner! (But know that if you win, I'll totally steal it from you!)

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