Monday, May 17, 2010

Can I just say?

I've inherited a lot of traits from my mom. Some of them I am thrilled that the Lord passed them onto me! Like my mom's ability to talk to any child at any time anywhere. Or her passion for family and education. Or her smile. Other traits, I could have passed on. Like the small bladder that I'm sure will be an added "blessing" during pregnancy! And the complete lack of any musical talent whatsoever. At the moment, I'm really wishing I hadn't inherited her complete lack of a green thumb. She always said it was a black thumb. At least she can grow ivy. I quickly killed the ivy I tried to grow...
DJ inherited several traits from his mom. Like her passion for teaching and family. And, luckily, her green thumb. It is DJ's loving care that has coaxed fruit out of our little fruit plants in the backyard. (Even though all three of our raspberries have been eaten by the birds!) I am trying my best to learn from him. Therefore, I am super duper discouraged to look out the window and see this:
The dandelions and buttercups are in full bloom and spreading like wildfire. The grass is dead. This is after TWO applications of weed and feed. It's a sad sight to see. And then there's the geranium. Just two posts ago I was telling you how wonderful and beautiful it was. Now the blooms are gone and it's full of dead sticks and smelly leaves. Can I just say that my black thumb from my mom is just not my favorite trait today?

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Angela Pea said...

Sweetie! Geraniums do not bloom continuously all summer long. Just trim back the spent bloom stems and keep her watered. She may put out a few more flowers for you.

As for the dandelions and primrose? Welcome to north central Texas. Once you mow them down, they are green just like the rest of the grass.

Your bermuda grass will take off once the nighttime temperatures stay consistantly above 70 degrees. It likes to be warm.