Thursday, March 4, 2010


I don't know why I chose that title for the post. I avoid the news at all costs. I cry too much. Regardless, here we are with a newsy update from my corner of the world.

1. I have been attempting to follow the Fly Lady's baby steps. So far, I'm doing okay. I'm discovering that changing habits is a long process but I'm doing much better.

2. Since I've been staying home I haven't been wearing make up very often. It felt like a waste of time and make up if no one was going to see me but the dogs. The past week or so I've been wearing make up daily and have been loving it!

3. As a part of that "changing habits is a long process" ordeal, I've never been good at washing my face at night. Since I've started birth control I haven't had any pimples and haven't even attempted to wash my face at the end of the day (unless that happens to be when I'm finally getting in the shower). I'm on a lower hormone level now and I've noticed my skin and hair have changed. Now that I'm wearing make up again, my face has returned to the status of an adolescent. I look even more like a teenager now. It's sad.

4. I've also developed an odd red patch on my forehead. I have crazy odd allergies, so this isn't an unusual occurance for me. It'll go away in a few days. But until then, I have a perfect red heart smack in the middle of my face. It makes me smile.

5. Yesterday, a friend came over and helped me get my sewing machine in working order. We marveled at the knobs that we had no clue what to do with and had major fits trying to thread the bobbin. After about 20 minutes of fiddling and getting covered in sewing machine oil, we were successful. Now I just need something to sew!

6. D.J. has a uniquely special relationship with my grandmother. No one else in the family relates to her quite the way D.J. does. I don't understand why she loves him so much more than she loves me, but I know he happily returns the affection. As a part of that affection, he was extremely excited to see the sewing machine (a hand me down from that grandmother) set up and ready to use. He was much more excited than I expected him to be and promised to find me fabric for a sewing project ASAP.

7. We are not gardeners. We are not excellent on the lawn maintenance side of things. We don't let the yard grow out of control, but it's covered in weeds. One of the dandelions had grown so large I decided to name it Walter. I was sure the freezing temperature and the foot of snow would kill it. No such luck! He had set up shop very close to the house and was protected from the snow by the roof overhang. The snow only watered him. Yesterday, I got fed up and we killed Walter. Well, we attempted to kill Walter. At ground level, the stalk had grown to a whopping 1 inch diameter. (That's a big weed! I kept expecting it to talk and spread rumors. I was totally prepared to call in Larry Boy!) The solution? Cut the dirt out around the tap root until he slides out of the ground. Then soak the area with vinegar. Amazing, huh? I was reluctant to kill it with chemicals because of the dogs but vinegar is cheap and non-toxic to puppies! I'm loving it!

8. Today my plan is to clean the bathrooms, wash the towels, do some painting, dig up more weeds in the hopes of planting a garden, and teach myself how to sew again! I'll let you know how it all goes... (I also need to grade papers for a friend. I should get moving, huh?) I think my skin just might be begging for a break from make up. So I'll cover my pimples with toothpaste and call it a day! :- )

What's the news in your corner of the world?


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why don't you try making a lil cloth case for your iphone, pretty easy. That was one of my first projects! (i used it for a few weeks, haha)