Monday, September 7, 2015

Sleepy Snuggles

Tonight I did something I honestly thought I'd never get to do again. I held my Noah as he fell asleep. This used to be a daily occurrence for us but it's happened less and less until I was certain I'd never rock him to sleep again.

But tonight, he gave me a precious gift. After a very full day where naps were virtually non-existent, my baby was exhausted. So after the baths and stories and prayers were done, we settled into our chair in the corner of the nursery. It's no easy task settling a toddler and his bear and two blankets all in the right places. But as soon as we got settled into a smooth rhythm, his eyes got heavy. I have always loved watching babies fall asleep but watching my own children is a special kind of magic. Tonight I was so deeply grateful for that late summer sunset that cast a golden glow across his room. His eyes drifted closed slowly and then quickly, all at once. His breathing slowed and became deep and even. 

I just sat there staring at his sweet face. Feeling the weight of his long legs. Watching him clutch his bear. I remembered carrying him around Kohl's as a teeny newborn while he nursed under the cover. I remembered how light and small and helpless he felt in my arms. I thought back to the victory we felt every time we got our stubborn newborn to sleep. 

And my heart sighed. A deep, content, peace filled sigh of happiness. 

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