Sunday, July 28, 2013

12 months - 1 year!

Dear Caleb,

You are a year old! I can hardly wrap my brain around it! I'll write a separate post about your party and your birthday celebrations. For now I'll just say it was a wonderful time and a sweet celebration of our precious boy!

You are now a walking man! You are done with crawling and want to walk everywhere you go. In the past 2 weeks you've learned to stand up in the middle of the room - no more pulling up on furniture. No more sweet furniture cruising. All walking. All the time. Your favorite thing to do is find one or two toys and walk around carrying them. You cruise from room to room and just babble away. I'm not sure who you're talking to or what you're saying but it is precious! You aren't attached to one particular toy or blanket, but you tend to pick one favorite item for the day. The other day is was a paper towel tube you found in the recycling bin. You would not let me take it away! I finally convinced you to play with something else when the tube had completely disintegrated and I was pulling chunks out of your mouth.

We took our very first family vacation this month! We rented a little house on Cedar Creek Lake and spent 2 nights there with our dogs. When we arrived you were uncharacteristically fussy. When your daddy picked you up, you were burning up with a fever. We kept Tylenol in your system all weekend long and gave you lots of extra snuggles. We went straight to the doctor Monday morning and it turns out you had a horrible ear infection. One strong round of amoxicillin later, you were good to go! Dr. Thomason encouraged us to use a probiotic to help keep your tummy happy so I ran to the pharmacy and picked up the same brand we used last time you were sick. I gave you 2 doses before I realized that it contained milk! I'm not sure why I never checked the label before, but I have a feeling the probiotic may have been the cause of your extended bout of diarhea a few months ago... I returned the box to the store and picked up a new brand that was dairy free! I felt awful for giving you milk, but you don't seem any worse for the wear now that it's out of your system. And mommy learned a good lesson in always checking the labels!

One of the most exciting things that happened this month was meeting your Indiana cousins. Uncle Jeff's kids came to visit Gaga and PaPaw for a week and we got to go see them. You also got to meet your Uncle Jeff and Aunt Brittany for the first time. It was a fun week and you loved seeing everyone! You loved it so much that you decided not to sleep while we were there. Your daddy and I crawled into bed about 1 every night (we were enjoying getting to see the family too!) and you'd wake up, ready to play. We finally got you to sleep around 4 or 5 every night. Our day would start about 7:30 or 8 when everyone else got up. We were exhausted!!! You finally slept well our last night in Waco and we were oh so thankful!

Left to right: Caleb, Luke, Mercy, Ben, and Grace

I love watching your little personality develop! You are a happy boy and have a smile for just about everyone you meet. You talk and babble a lot, but make funny sounds more than anything. You love to blow raspberries and make a "tsss" sound when you're really focused on something. Most recently, your babble has sounded much more conversational. There are several times when we swear you say "What's that?" We always answer you and you usually seem quite satisfied with what we have to say. Sometimes you blow raspberries and shake your head. You are such a ham! One day as I was getting you out of your high chair you clearly said "Mama" and cuddled up to me. I'm not sure if it was an intentional word or if you just happened to make those sounds. You've only said it one other time and you were looking at Granny so I'm not entirely sure you know what those sounds mean.

One night you snuggled right up to me and fell asleep.
My heart was so full I thought it would burst!

You are growing into such a precious toddler and are so much fun to be around. I've enjoyed the slower pace of summer but I'm looking forward to the structure and play dates the fall will bring. I'm also excited to get back to MOPS. We both love hanging out with the people we see there. You are such a people person you do much better when we get to go out and see people. Since I was pregnant with you your Daddy and I have prayed that you would have God's heart for people - it's amazing to see how God is already answering that prayer!

I love you so much my sweet pumpkin! I am so blessed to be a mom to such a special little boy! I'm a little sad that you're no longer a baby and are now a toddler, but I'm excited about this new season with you. I've never been a mom to a toddler before and I'm thrilled to learn all about what's to come for us as a family! I love you!

Love, Mommy

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