Friday, July 12, 2013

11 months

Dear Caleb,

Last month I struggled with the fact that you were turning 10 months old because I felt like you were leaving the baby state and getting dangerously close to toddler hood. I was right! This month your daddy and I have noticed so many ways that you're no longer a baby!

You now take up a shocking amount of your crib. When I rock you in your room the legs that once fit safely in my arms, now wrap around my body and stick out the side of the glider. You are walking all over the place. We've officially started the weaning process. You no longer play with a lot of your baby toys - we even packed some up in the attic to make room for your big boy cars. You refuse to be spoon fed purees and love feeding yourself finger foods. There are fewer and fewer sweet baby curls. Instead you have a head full of hair that is often crazy and unruly. You have learned to crawl out of my lap when you're done nursing. You're such a big boy! Oh how the time has flown!

Sometimes those sweet baby curls need a little bath after lunch...

You crawl on all fours at lightning fast speed now. No more sweet belly crawling. I feel like I'm watching your days of cruising around the furniture quickly come to a close. You love walking around and can cover quite a bit of distance before you fall. At the beginning of the month you just fell on your face. It wasn't long before you figured out how to catch yourself and control your fall.

Now that you can walk up to the window in your room, it'll never be clean again!

One of the biggest events this month was your first visit to the allergist. I was very nervous about the appointment, but you handled it like a champ! I was so proud of you! The doctor ordered skin testing and we had to keep you laying flat on your tummy for 20 minutes while the stuff sat on your back. Thankfully, you fell asleep in my lap and it was a breeze! When all was said and done, you tested positive for milk, egg, peanut, and dustmites. We go back in August for bloodwork that will tell us more about the severity of your allergies. For now, we are keeping you on a dairy, egg, and nut free diet. Sometimes it's quite the challenge, but we're getting in a groove and figuring out how to keep you safe. The diaper bag now contains 4 Epi-Pens (2 for you, 2 for me). We are a food allergy family!

You still LOVE going outside! It's getting harder to spend time outdoors as the weather warms up, but we do what we can. This month you went swimming for the first time. My child, you are fearless! We have to hold you close and tight or you dive underwater. You kick your feet as hard as you can and love being in the water! I'm so excited to be raising a little fish.

You are a champion sleeper and a hearty eater! I'm already worried about the grocery bill when you're a teenager! Avocados, Cheerios, and broccoli are still your favorite foods. Although, fresh fruit is right up there on the favorite list. When we get out a plate and knife, you wiggle all over with excitement! This month we added soy milk in the afternoons and you seem to like it. I'm so glad, since we're quite limited on milk options for you!

I can hardly wrap my brain around the fact that you only have a month left as a baby. You're quickly becoming a toddler and I'm not quite ready. You are a busy little man and are constantly getting into everything! Just when I think the world is safe, you find some other way to get into trouble. You're learning the word "no" even if you don't like hearing it!

The POPPArazzi!

I am so blessed to be your mom! I am daily amazed at how richly the Lord has blessed me with you! Your laugh comes so easily and I will do just about anything to get a smile and giggle out of you! I'm cherishing this last month with my baby and those sweet baby curls that get longer by the day. I'm praying daily for all the Lord has planned for you. He's put a special spirit and a beautiful heart in you and He's going to use you in big ways. I love watching that sweet spirit develop and can't wait to see what God's going to do! I love you Pumpkin!


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