Thursday, February 21, 2013

This Moment

I want to freeze this moment in time. After a tough day of tears (both Caleb's and my own) there is peace in our home. Laundry is hanging drying by the fireplace. Dishes are piled in the kitchen. The coffee table is full of clutter and unclipped coupons. The TV is quietly playing Duck Dynasty, but I'm not really watching. DJ is puttering around, getting ready for tomorrow. In my arms there's a tired little boy who finally gave up the fight and went to sleep. I want to remember his soft snore, the weight of his sleeping body, the warmth of his head against my arm, his soft sighs of contentment, his sweet lips puckered in peaceful sleep - just like they have since our first glimpse on the 3D ultrasound. I want to remember the peace of this moment - the love filling my heart as he sleeps against my chest. I want to always remember that after a long day of mothering what truly matters is that I'm here for him. What truly matters is that I love this little boy so very much. He's growing up too fast! (The exersaucer and the jump-a-roo got moved to the next height level this week.) This little baby who once fit in my arms now wraps his legs around my body. It won't be long before he out grows my lap. So for now, I'll breathe in a deep breath of his freshly shampooed head. I'll smile at the little whisps of hair that are a bit crusty from his oatmeal spattering sneeze at dinner tonight. I'll stroke those sweet cheeks that are finally soft again, even if the pimples under the surface tell me another breakout is just around the corner. I'll thank The Lord that his cradle cap is cleared, that we have answers for the cracked skin behind his ears, and that we finally found a lotion that helps more than it hurts. I'll ignore the to do lists and the chores and the "rules" that tell me to put him down so he can learn to sleep independently. Because this moment won't last. I'll blink and this moment will be gone. So for just this moment, I'll hold onto my baby just a little tighter and praise the Lord that He blessed me so deeply when He called me to be his mother!

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