Monday, February 18, 2013

Men vs. Women

The other day I came home from the store with a ridiculous number of groceries. I wanted to wait until DJ got home so I'd have help but I needed to cook dinner and had to put things up. I worked hard to get everything done before Caleb got fussy. I filled the sugar canister and left the rest of the sugar in the bag, sitting on the counter. The extra sugar always goes in a plastic canister in the pantry, but it's up where I can't reach it. DJ knows this. He's always had to get the sugar down for me. So I left the bag sitting on the counter thinking he'd see it sitting there and know I needed his help.

Fast forward several days and the sugar bag is still sitting on the counter. One night when I felt a little fiesty I mentioned the bag to DJ.

Me: "You know, I left that bag of sugar there thinking you'd notice that it was there and get down the canister. I figured you'd know that I couldn't reach it and left it for you."
DJ: "What? I thought you just left trash sitting on the counter!"
Me: "Why would I leave trash sitting out?"
DJ: "I thought maybe Caleb started fussing and you just forgot about it."
Me: "But you just moved the bag and you should have noticed there was sugar left in there."
DJ: "Well, yeah. That's why I didn't throw it away."

At this point, I just shook my head and walked away. Men and women. God sure had a sense of humor when He decided to create us so differently!

Note: When I went in the kitchen later that evening, DJ had gotten down the canister and taken care of the sugar for me. He's a good guy. He's just not one for subtle hints...

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