Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pictures and Crafts

Today is Easter! Oh what a glorious day! I saw someone say on Facebook that without Easter, Christmas is just another day on the calendar. It struck a chord in my heart. What a happy day! Unfortunately, I've been sick for a solid 9 days and am still stuck in the house. I'm sad I couldn't go to church to celebrate LIFE today! However, I did get a craft done for my classroom and it turned out so fantastic I just had to share!!

An old sock, a few fabric scraps, and VOILA!

A dinosaur claw for the pretend and learn center! Add another sock and a crazy Hubsters and what do you get?


As I was e-mailing pictures to myself, I was scrolling through the pictures on my phone and found a few more that I needed to share - as an apology for not blogging as much lately!!

This is just for you Steph! I have fallen in love with yogurt buffets lately. This one is from Purple Berri in Rockwall. We went twice in two days. We'll be returning soon! From now on, special occassions will be marked by trips to one of these most delightful places! Oh how I am in love!

I'm also in love with this man!

He's a little bit silly, a little bit crazy, and a lot a bit wonderful! He has been the world's best care-taker the past week or so! He's run to the store 8 million times for whatever new medication I needed and made more scrambled eggs than you can imagine! Love you babe!

I found another picture I'd never shared with you. A co-teacher was reading a story with her class and they were keeping track of all the characters in the story. As she attempted to draw one particular character, one of her students confidently said, "Hey! That looks just like the President!"

I'll let you add your own comments...

I also found a picture of this little sign that we discoverd in a small shop while we were on our anniversary trip last summer.


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