Saturday, January 12, 2013

5 months

Dear Caleb,

How can it possibly be that you've already hit the 5 month mark? (How is it possible that you're so rapidly approaching the half a year point?) This last month was full of excitement! Since your 4 month birthday on Thanksgiving, we've been anxiously anticipating your first Christmas. You loved looking at the lights on the Christmas tree, and we love reading Christmas stories with you. What a precious time of anticipation it has been! The entire holiday has taken on an entirely new meaning for our little family since you've joined us. The King of Kings left a glory I can't fathom and became a small baby just like you. He lived a perfect, sinless life and died so you could spend eternity with Him. Wow! The reality and weight of what He did for you and me has washed over my heart anew this holiday season and I'm so thankful it has.

As a part of our celebrating this precious season, you got to meet Santa's Helpers. We went to see one at the Forney Hometown Christmas but I wasn't pleased with that experience, so one Saturday your daddy and I spent an entire day trying to get a picture with the Bass Pro Shop Santa. It was an exhausting day, but so worth it! You're such a cute baby and everyone oohed and aahed over your sweet smile. Unfortunately, about 3 minutes before you met Santa you decided you were done with the whole experience and started fussing and crying. So our professional pictures are a little less than ideal... Oh well! We'll try again next year! We'll get a smile eventually. :)

You are learning so many things so fast it's hard to believe the things that have changed in the past month. You moved from sleeping in the cradle in our room to the crib at nights. You were already sleeping in your crib for naps so you were used to it, but it was a big change for me! I cried the first night you weren't in our room. You, however, slept like a champ all night long.

"Woah! Darth Vader just walked up behind you!"
For the first 4 months of your life we always rocked you to sleep. Sometimes it took a while, but we both loved every moment of snuggling you! However, as soon as you turned 4 months old you suddenly started fighting naps with everything in you. It was so frustrating! One day, when I'd spend what felt like days trying to get you to sleep, I put you in your crib and let you cry. (I sat in the living room and cried right along with you.) Much to my surprise, you eventually fell asleep. From then on, I put you down without rocking you to sleep. You now go down without a fight. It's wonderful!

Mommy's laundry helper
In the midst of learning to put yourself to sleep you completely rejected the paci. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!! You now suck your thumb to put yourself to sleep and it's the best thing ever. Thank you for giving it up. Thank you for finding your thumb. Most often, you like to suck both thumbs at once. You've even learned to fold your little hands together like you're praying. It's the sweetest thing! I love it!

Since you're now spending more awake time on your belly, you're rolling over more often - but only in your crib. I've seen you roll from belly to back and from back to belly several times while trying to get to sleep, but when you are on the floor you don't want to roll over. Silly boy! Are you trying to keep it a secret?

You love playing and are interacting with toys more. It's fun to watch you explore the world around you. The biggest development is that you're now a sitting man! You're still quite wobbly and you fall over a lot, but you can sit up! We worked on trying to sit for a few days but you couldn't do it for more than a few seconds. Then one day, your daddy set you on the ground and you sat up! I'm so excited that you mastered this in time for Christmas! It'll make opening Christmas presents and getting pictures in front of the tree so much more fun. :)

One of the biggest developments of this month was the appearance of not one, but two teeth! It was a whirlwind of cries and fussing and trying to figure out what was going on until Daddy stuck his finger in your mouth and discovered that sweet little tooth! Wow!

I love getting to spend all day with you and I'm beyond blessed to be a stay at home mom. However, there is a very special relationship I see blooming between you and your daddy. You light up for him in a very special way! You are so excited every time he looks your way. I think 5:00 just might be your very favorite time of day. 

You are still the happiest, most easy going baby I know. I'm so proud to be your Mommy. I must be the luckiest person on the planet! I love you my sweet pumpkin doodle! Don't grow up too fast, ok?


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